• US Veterans should at least get what's coming to them!

    What's sad about our system that is in place is that United States Veterans are not even getting the rights and due diligence that they earned from their service! The U.S Government makes Vets like my Father jump through hoops left and right just to get medical care! What about homelessness among Vets? The Government does not care in the least! SO why should young men like myself sign up for the Service when we know we're not going to be looked out for after our Service ends? No reason to sign up to be Cannon Fodder if that's how it is going to be!

  • No I think we do enough

    I don't think we should do more for veterans. Veterans are true heroes in my eyes, they sacrifice for their country. With that said I think we already have enough in place to help adn support them. I don't see a need to add more to that. They should be cared for to a point.

  • They need help

    It is a great shame that we send these young men and women off to war to battles that we demanded they go to, and then not take care of them when they return. These vets need more medical treatment for both physical and mental injuries. They do not need to wait in a backlog line to receive services.

  • Yes, Veterans served country

    The United States should do more for its veterans as they are people who enlisted and served for their country. Enlisting in the military means giving up a significant amount of life the way its known to act is the arm of defense for the country. Unlike school or jobs enlisting in the military is a contract that must be honored which usually is up to a total of eight years, almost a decade and it is voluntary. That is freedom that is willingly lost as soldiers can be called to help in a war effort in any time during that contract period whether they are active duty or reserve. The U.S should do more to help those veterans that may need help as they sacrificed life as they knew it, time that they could of used elsewhere, to serve in the military and defend the country.

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