Should the US do more to track down terrorists in the US as this one in Rochester?

  • Yes, the US should do more to track terrorists in the US

    I think the United States of America should definitely do more to track down terrorists that in the country. I think the government of the USA owes it to the people of the nation to make sure that such people do not exist within domestic soil. It is important to ensure the safety of the citizens of America.

  • Stop it before it starts.

    Yes, the US should do more to track down terrorists in the US, because they have warning signs and they choose to ignore them. The US officials knew that the Boston Bombers were a risk. Why didn't they send them home? They also had warnings about September 11. They need to stop trying to be politically correct and protect our country.

  • US is still facing a serious threat from terrorist

    The recent news about the terrorist in Rochester reaffirms the problem US citizens face. Terrorist know about efforts made to find them and are constantly changing their behavior to avoid detection. The US must remain vigilant to defend against them. Only by keeping the focus on increasing efforts to detect terrorist can the US prevent attacks.

  • No, I believe we are doing enough.

    There will always be extremists in the world and people who will be looking to do harm to others. The government has already gotten themselves into hot water for spying on its own citizens I don't believe they should do more. The FBI should be tracking all suspicious people but anything further than that seems to impose on basic rights.

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