• The reason I pick YES is

    Some people dont go out to vote so it is better to pick the popular vote for those who dont go out to vote. There is a possibility of picking a faithless cantidant. Thers always a possilbility of electing a president who didnt get the majority vote which is unfair.

  • Why even have a popular vote?

    If the purpose of democracy is to establish the will of the people, and rule thereby, by what line of reasoning do we arrive at the need for an electoral college? Why even track the popular vote at all if it accomplishes nothing? If a candidate wins a majority -- or, at least, a plurality -- of the people's votes, why not allow that person to serve in the position to which the people have elected him or her?

  • Electoral college is outdated

    When you have a country with well over 300 million people in it. Then you need to base your elections off of the popular vote. It would definitely stop gerrymandering on a Presidential level, as some states are still divided into points. Al Gore would have been President if we did not have the electoral college in 2000.

  • Yes, the electoral college should be abolished.

    I think the electoral college in the U.S. voting process is a bit outdated. I think that the voting process should be simplified so that the American people can actually believe their votes mean something. It is time to abolish the voting system and just resort to counting every single vote as the determing factore in elections.

  • It's Clunky, But It Works

    The Electoral College exists for a reason. It gives equal voice to the smaller states in the country. If the nation were to switch to a system of popular votes, candidates would only spend their time in big states like Texas and California and try to run it bigger margins there.

  • Not at all

    No, the electoral college is a really important tool here in the US for decideing the presidential elections that we have. There is a reason that the founding fathers made this, it is because they knew it would be the best method for picking out the right president in the country.

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