• We would be so much wealthier.

    Yes, the US should eliminate all corporate taxes to prevent inversion, because we would be so much wealthier if that money stayed in the economy, rather than staying with the government. Corporate tax rates are crippling. We just lost Burger King to Canada because of it. Lower taxes would mean more spending, which would trickle down to the little guy.

  • Corporate Taxes Should Stay

    The anti-inversion legislation initiative proposed lately should not target elimination of all corporate taxes. State revenues from corporate taxes are important income source and every effort should be made to keep and increase that income. A combination of proper corporate taxation and tax levels has to be secured, while strictly penalised tax evasion.

  • The US should not eliminate corporate taxes

    There is a trend for corporations to move their headquarters to another country in order to avoid paying US corporate taxes. This does present a problem for the US in the form of decreased tax revenue. The global economy competes on many levels, and governments compete with each other by means of their tax codes. If corporate citizenship is to mean anything, however, then corporations must also carry their share of the burden of citizenship. Corporations receive the benefits of government just like any other citizen, and should therefore pay for them just like any other citizen. Eliminating corporate taxes just shifts that burden onto other citizens, making corporations nothing more than freeloaders.

  • Inversion can be prevented while keeping companies domestic.

    Corporations could be incentivized to keep their primary operations domestic by offering tax offsets on their foreign income. In the same way companies can buy carbon offsets a program should be put into place whereby companies that reinvest in their domestic operations are rewarded. Companies that offer job placement, training, community out reach programs would be able to use it towards credits that offset their foreign income.

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