• US End Military

    I personally think that Our military budget is so extremely high that it harms other areas of our budget. Since it is so high other areas are shorted, such as education. If we poured all of that military budget into the areas that are lacking funding, the United States could truly become the best country in the world.

  • Too many deaths.

    Yes, the United States should end overseas military operations, because there are too many people that are dying in Afghanistan. There are more people that have died under Obama's watch than under Bush's, but the media is silent about it. Too many young people have died there, and they should be allowed to come home.

  • Bring them all home

    If they really wanted to cut the national deficit, they would bring all of the troops home. Even the ones in places like Japan and Germany. We now have the ability to use our technology to keep the piece. We do not need to be spending all this money on our troops to watch people who are no threat.

  • This isn't our war anymore.

    To be honest, I'm not really sure what we're fighting for. We killed bin Laden. Now we're being the worlds police? Our soldiers are dying for another country. Terrorism will never stop. Early settlers terrorized the Native Americans, it's been around forever and will be around forever. Maybe if we stop policing the world, the rest of the world won't hate us. We have our own problems in our country, let them solve theirs. Keep the Navy and let us do we need to with NATO, but bring the rest home. They shouldn't die over there.

  • The World's Police

    I believe that the US should scale back a lot of the overseas military operations so we can focus on our own problems. But that doesn't mean that we have to stop all of our military investments, let alone open up places where terrorists can create a stronghold. We just need to focus more on what is happening here in the US, and a little less in the rest of the world.

  • Us End it.

    The US is sending men and women to their deaths. Our troops are trying to save lives. But sooner or later those lives form armies and turn on us. It's not our fight any more. If Terrorist want to fight themselves that's fine. The only reason we where there was to stop bin laden. Now America needs to bring our boys home to our families.

  • End the operations

    I believe that the United States should stop some but not all of the military operations around the world. Think about the soldiers that are dying to see their loved ones and think about all the literally dying soldiers some of these operations are really unnecessary and we have nothing to do with. Think about it and bring our boys home

  • We are losing money

    The U.S. has spent way to much money than intended. I we bring our soldiers home it could create much more opportunities for our country in technology, civilian living, industry, and if we wanted to, possible advanced weaponry. For those who say "we will always be at threat", don't you think we would be a force to reckoning with? Especially with our new capabilities? 2 years of spending money on this country and not anyone else could just could guarantee a much more developing future for our country.

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  • Oversea military operations are a waste of money, and costing lives

    When we send our military over to other countries, we make those other countries feel insecure, and for what reason? For example, we have military bases and troops in Iraq just to take their oil and resources. (really!?) most of the time we (US) perform a foreign military operation, it is usually for reasons of evil

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  • Nooo dont do it

    They should not beacause we have taken over 97 precent of their former owned tarritory,all we have to is keep this up for another month or 2 and we will be alright, also many syran lives including children will be at stake for the russia gov at their mercy but of course this is my opinion and i know they are typos cos im only 11

  • Just no no

    We are bigger we make more allie going overseas it is for the good of our country if we didn't go overseas the enime would come over here and take over the us that means more terrist attacks death count up and just chaos.We don't want war in the usa

  • No, The United States should not end oversea operations.

    If we end oversea operations then we would look like a world power. If we end oversea operations the we could potentially stop getting oil from other places. Then we would not have enough oil for our everyday items. If we help other with our military then we can get help when we need it. Our military is a strong military so if we end our oversea operations then we also look like we have a weak military because we can’t help anyone else.

  • I love my mother

    I dont want her to be die. It would be so so so sad if she would be die. I would dead as well. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Homeland Protection For Americans

    If the military operations cease, then that would mean the government agencies such as the CIA and NSA would have to stop their operations as well. That would leave a major hole in our national defense. We would have no intelligence to lead us to a possible attack on american soil. It also gives other countries the opportunity to invade us without our knowledge and it would be so much easier to do so.

  • No they shouldn't

    Since ISIS is going (trying) to take out the world, one tiny place at a time. The more we draw back the more they are going to take out, and they are killing many innocent people for no reason so, with us sending our troops we are stopping the people that are causing the most harm, so sending our troops is risking their lives but saving many more then just Americans. Yes we would get the credit, but at least many people didn't die for something they didn't do!

  • We are a successful country

    What about ISIS we need to go over sea's just to stop them, and of we do go over sea's and take them out we would be saving MANY more people that these people were gonna kill in the first place. So I think that they should keep going with the over sea operations.

  • No! They should not

    The us military is is to help the citizens. The us military teaches young men to serve and protect the country. It teaches them respect. The go and protect us. Without them a lot of us would be dead. People say you can die. They are dying for us, for me,for you, and this nation! For Freedom!

  • I think that the U.S. should not end Military operations. We need our Navy and without it makes our country vulnerable.

    I think that the U.S. should not end Military operations. We need our Navy and without it makes our country vulnerable.

    In my research I found that if the U.S. ended military operations overseas, that 1,388,028 people would lose their jobs. I also found that if the U.S. would not be spending money by paying the troops that their would be another “Great Depression” because of the economy we have in the U.S.

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