Should the US Federal Government be obliged to tax the public to pay for war

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  • Yes, its our money.

    The cost of the Iraq war was more than 10x what was promised to the American people. Deficit spending was used to pay for much of it, so our children will continue picking up the tab. The American public pays for the wars that our government chooses to wage either in decreased Social benefits, inflation, or higher taxes at a later date. At least with a direct "War Tax" the American people will know the true cost of war and can cast their vote as informed citizens.

  • The question implies submission

    The question "Should the US Federal Government be obliged to tax the public to pay for war?" really stems from the question "Are the people holding the government accountable for it's decisions?" If the government runs unopposed and without consequences to its constituents then it really doesn't matter whether a moral objection exists for taxing the people for war. We as a people need to galvanize and hold our government fiscally responsible before some loony congressman decides to fund another multi million study about why humans need hair. That same congressman is gonna have no qualms for a funding an unjustifiable war if there are military industrial complex lobbyists throwing money and promises their way.

  • Sometimes, war IS the answer.

    The U.S is known for it's military strength, although sometimes it makes rash actions, many of the seemingly 'war hungry' tactics they use are really for a greater benefit. Currently, USA is the biggest super power in the world (and there is no arguing with it, this is coming for a Canadian too). Sometimes the USA needs to do things to keep it;s super power status. For example, when Serbia started gaining control over the balkans, USA dropped bombed Serbia to a surrender. Many think it was just a rash attack but it was really justified. (I am also Serbian so there can't be any bias here). If they didn't attack, Serbia would be in control of Balkan movements right now and that is definitely NOT what USA wants. And what about ISIS? Should we just let them keep doing what their doing?? Now it all comes back to you, do you really want to pay extra money for it? Honestly, Americans ALREADY pay for the US military!! You're tax money is used more multiple things! There's no reason to pay more.

    At the note, I rest my case.

  • Too much spending

    Our government spends too many tax payer dollars on unnecessary projects already. Instead of making the public suffer with more taxes, we should take excess money from other projects. According to a usa today poll of tax paying adults, 73% say that the government is spending too much on unnecessary programs. We do not need to place another burden on the public.

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