Should the US federal government recognize hippies and the hip movement as culturally and historically significant?

  • Yes, the hippies were historically significant because they changed history

    The protests of the 60's and 70's changed the course of the Viet Nam war. People had never talked so much about peace, love and acceptance of our fellow human beings. The hippies made people stop and take notice of what was truly going on in the world, and how senseless the Viet Nam was really was.

  • Recognizing hippies is only natural

    The United States federal government should recognize hippies as culturally significant. After all the movement was based on a war protest and that is a part of our history like it or not. As for the "hip" movement or rap music I do not see it the same way. Hip music is more about art and not as much historically significant.

  • They played a part in history.

    Yes, the US federal government should recognize hippies as culturally significant, because they have lasting influence. The hippie movement was in part responsible for the end of the Vietnam War. Even today, if someone wants to refer to a carefree person, they will often call them a hippie. The hippie movement was lasting and has a continuing impact.

  • I think so

    I think that the hippie movement is at least culturally significant if not historically. I think that they did contribute to the culture in an interesting way and without the movement our country would not be the same without it. It coincided so well with the anti-war movement so it needs to be mentioned.

  • Government Not Here For That

    I do not believe the US federal government should recognize hippies and the hipster movements as culturally and historically significant. The government isn't here to voice their opinion about American culture, they're here to work out laws and disagreements, etc. People shouldn't need the government to verify the fact that both of these groups have been both significant culturally and historically.

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