• The phrasing of the question is wrong.

    The question implies that the US is not involved in the fight against ISIS, or that Americans can choose whether or not they want to be involved in that conflict. This is a mistake because, for one thing, the US was involved the moment ISIS took Americans hostage, and to execute them. For another, the members of ISIS seek to wage war against the allies of the United States, it also seeks to exterminate a few of them, and therefore, the US must stand against ISIS to defends its allies. The only options here are fighting to defend American lives and American allies, and punish the terrorists, or to capitulate. I think it is obvious, self-evident even, that the only moral and intelligent choice is to fight these theocratic fascists.

  • We Definitely Should

    Jihadism, like Marxism, must be stopped. ISIS and their cronies want to force everyone in the entire world to pray to Allah five times a day and will do nothing to make the entire world one Islamic Republic. They use imperialism as a motive and we must strike back with the same. They want to murder all homosexuals, exterminate Christains, execute children, rape and enslave their wives and what not. We need to fight crush the Jihadist movement as well as prevent any futhur development in Muslim demographics in Western countries.

  • We need to prevent them from getting more power

    While I generally disagree with getting involved in wars, I do feel that we must suppress Isis. These are people who demand we pray multiple times a day under penalty of death and people who want to prevent scienctific thinking. In order to keep our country safe, we must strike back in defense.

  • Why would we fuel their rage.

    ISIS is the bully who attacks everyone for no good reason. America should worry about our own issues I mean there is a multitude of things we can possibly do before attacking this ridiculous group of radicals. Besides now Unknowing Americans hear this and say We should just destroy all Muslims that Islam is a cancer. Which people already have stated multiple times. The United Nations is so slow at accomplishing tasks. And if anything we should of ended this before they grew seeing how the US government knew about them before they went on this rampage. On a side note Please do not take the actions of a few and generalize an entire culture of people. Thanks

  • Let everyone else take care of ISIS.

    America has it's own problems right now. National Dept, a D+ infrastructure, Unemployment and poverty. Egypt, Iran, Syria, the U.A.E., Turkey, Jordan, Israel and Iran all are more likely to be invaded and have have ISIS occupy their land and kill their people. They won't let that happen, and will stop them. With or without U.S. involvement.

  • Athiesm is more of a concern than pagans in the middle east.

    I think modern conservatives are a little mistaken though. I don't like pagans like the Muslems but continuing the USSR's war against the middle east will only help the athiests currently. We should stop saying our biggest threat is some 3rd world country with out of date soviet technology. In fighting that war we have just allied ourselfs with communists like China and soon Cuba as well as Socialists like the European countries. This will only help them while they gain power trading with us slowly gaining power. Not that the US we know will be around much longer with 99/100 movies these days being liberal our society will get driven down to being socialist with gun controll, limited religion, limited free market economy, redistribution in he form of extreem taxes and wellfare. Theres only one objective of liberalism, Communism!

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