Should the US get rid of the two-party system?

Asked by: ararmer1919
  • Who needs political parties?

    George Washington himself warned the Americans NOT to form political parties, and he was probably right too. Our government is so divided between the two parties that it pretty much can't get ANYTHING done anymore. The petty disagreements between the two parties have led to completely unnecessary, near-disasters like the Fiscal Cliff or the Government Shutdown.

  • We don’t need party lines it’s ruining our country.

    Party affiliations is the root of all evil. The cause is SES and their finical support to both R’s and D’s to vote according to what’s best for banks and big corporations, it’s a conquer and divide strategy. It’s nothing more than a fallacies. These parties are conquer and divide.

  • Stop the madness

    Stop the lobbying. Work for the people. Listen to the people. For the good of the people not the rich and powerful. Bring equality to America. This country can be great, but the dishonesty, greed, and corruption need to end. Our children deserve a future. Spend what you have. Not more. Keep within your budget or cut from other areas.

  • Two Party System is a Violation of Freedom

    Our country is called the Land of the Free. Well, I guess that's true as long as you are a Republican or a Democrat. If we truly want to hear everyone's voice and enjoy the freedoms that our country was founded on, we should support all political party candidates getting equal time; shorten our election process; regulate the campaign trail process so that all candidates are limited to the same number of speaking engagements and literature pieces; and require that all Presidential Debates include all political party candidates and that each candidate is provided the same amount of time to speak.

  • Need for more than 2 party system.

    I think both parties have been corrupted. I am tired if big money and big corporations rigging the system. I refuse to believe I should only be one or the other. With this current election, I will not support either candidate. My support and vote will go to Gary Johnson.

  • Proportional representation and ranked choice voting

    It's not enough to simply say "get rid of it". You have to support changes to the way we elect our government. The only way things will change is through proptional representation and ranked choice voting. Check out FairVote.Com to learn more.
    I will be pushing the California Libertarian Party to back an initiative that will do so.

  • The truth is political party's are a symptom of a much bigger problem!

    Money in politics is the root cause of our two party system! We will forever be enslaved by corruption until we remove money, lobbying and debt from the annals of our political spectrum!
    I no longer agree with representative government but this is
    For another debate! The biggest problem with America today
    Is ignorance, apathy and arrogance! Until the population is educated
    About economics, politics and resource management we will continue
    Down this same road which will eventually lead to our destruction!
    I can't image America is to far from the cliff which will cause our fall.

  • It Leads to More Harm than Good

    The two party system has left us with

    1. Countless minor partys that stand no chance of being elected to anything.
    2. A government that has way too much infighting where nothing gets done.

    Seriously, this two party system needs to end in favor of a completely party free independent system of government.

  • This is a system where nobody wins

    No matter what happens, who you vote for, American will never be satisfied. We will always be whining and moaning and it seems when one party takes over America gets fed up and wants the OTHER party in. This insanity has to end it is time to start voting INDEPENDENT and for America to LIGHTEN UP!

  • An excuse to stereotype people...

    Yes, labeling people as one group or the other is very senseless. George Washington wasn't even a fan of political parties, and neither am I. Just because I have different opinions than someone else doesn't mean I'm a liberal...Or a conservative. Political parties even go against the word of God, because I thought he was the only one who could judge us. Guess the politicans are gods too.

  • We need political parties

    Political parties help maintain a pure democracy and help the US from getting into more problems in the future. It also Keeps the US divided equally and away from government problems. And, the two-party system promotes common positions between presidential candidates and the American people. So, yes, we need political parties, and we need the two-party system.

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