• Absolutely the United States should go back on the gold standard

    The gold standard kept information down by setting a minimum of what a dollar can be worth so for example I can always trade a dollar for 2 ounces of gold than a dollar can at max information can only be worth 2 ounces of gold so you will not loose money by not using it

  • Any standard would work really. . .

    So long as you can't go and devalue the work people have put into amassing their fortunes then it can work. No one will feel motivated to contribute to this economy or innovate under the threat that one day when they get big enough you are just going to take it all away from them.

  • The gold standard is worse.

    Annual inflation has been under 3% since 2012.

    Inflation under 3% isn't bad since you do not need to hold cash. You can buy stock, Or bonds (some are adjusted for inflation), Or even gold. The gold standard is not necessary if you want your savings in gold.

    The gold standard does not necessarily keep prices steady.
    There was double digit inflation from 1917 to 1920.

    It was followed by double digit deflation.
    Deflation tends to hurt the economy.

    When deflation happens, People tend to respond by saving money which makes it hard for others to earn money making deflation worse.
    The gold standard makes it difficult for the fed to increase the money supply to stop this.

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