Should the US government allocate funds for research & the prevention of children left in hot cars related deaths?

  • Duh...... Stop being stupid

    These are preventable deaths there basically murder. Go get in a 100 degree car for two hours and see if that changes your mind. You hear people complanining about not being albe to adopt from Russia and this is why, people neiglict children every day and this is one of the worst from of it.

  • Stop Senseless Deaths

    It seems every day were hear more and more stories about children left in cars for hours to die a horrible death. We have the opportunity to stop these senseless deaths but it is going to take some research, creative thought, and money. We need the government to empower agencies that are willing to take on this problem and to come up with solutions that will work for the masses.

  • Liberals are at it again.

    That would be honestly the stupidest waste of government money i've heard of. It is definitely not the job of the government to fix problems that are 100% in the hands of civilians. Liberals tend to think that the government is some all powerful god that can fix every problem, and they leave social problems to the government to fix. Thats your responsibility, not anybody else's.

  • The US government should not allocate funds to research why children should not be left in hot cars.

    The US government should not allocate funds to research why children should not be left in hot cars. Not leaving a child in a hot car is a matter of common sense and it is negligent to do it. This does not need further study and the government does not need to research it further.

  • This is not the government's issue, it is the peoples'

    This should be a common sense topic with the effort to fix this issue brought by the private sector with groups with goals aimed at informing the public. This is not a problem that the government should deal with because it is not of national importance. Not to say that this isn't a terrible way for children to pass, but there are other equally and worse ways as well. If the government were to start providing funds for this issue, the flood gates would open and shortly the government would be leaking vast amounts of money in areas that should be common sense.

  • No, this is a common sense issue.

    There should be punishment for those who leave children in hot cars if there is negligence or other abuse, but it is certainly not an issue that demands research and funds. This is just common sense and caring and all adults with children around know to be vigilant so we should not spend extra money.

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