• Sometimes the might of good government.

    FDR's policies are widely accepted to have brought about the end of the great depression, helped ready a labor force for a world war, and who's policies at war's end saw the most prosperous economy in our history.

  • The US government should help bail out the US automakers because they employ so many people.

    If the US government didn't bail out the US automakers, then that would force a lot of "secondary" companies that supply the automakers with tools/parts out of business. Not only would we lose the jobs at the automakers, but we would lose the jobs at all the "secondary" suppliers that supply the automakers. That would not be good for our tax base.

    Posted by: FascinatedErich52
  • I agree with bailing out auto makers because they employ a large percentage of our population, but there definitely should be terms that they must follow.

    Auto makers are important in our economy, but their failure is due to issues with interests in oil and themselves, and must be under strict supervision if they are to assisted. They should be mandated to strict environmental controls, which will help our environment and increase jobs around the country. Additionally, the CEOs should be forced to take severe pay cuts, as paying yourself 200 times the average employee is bound to cause the business to fail. As a CEO you should be looking out for the business,not yourself.

    Posted by: daveyxh
  • Yes, I agree that the U.S. government should bailout U.S. automakers, because our country needs the jobs that automakers provide.

    I think that the U.S. government should bailout U.S. automakers, because if the automakers go bankrupt, many Americans will lose their jobs. A one-time bailout is justifiable because, in the long term, it will be financially beneficial to our country. If we lose the automobile industry, other countries will continue to financially benefit from people in the U.S. buying foreign cars, and none of that money will stay in our country.

    Posted by: w00dwitch
  • I agree that the US government should bailout US automakers; it is essential to the success of our country.

    I believe that the US government should bailout US automakers. It would further negatively impact our country's financial problems if we don't. The auto industry helped build our nation and it is our turn to help them out. A huge portion of our country is unemployed, and if we fix the ongoing problem with the automakers we can reduce the unemployment rate.

    Posted by: boobop
  • If no bailout is given to automakers, it would further devastate the financial condition of the country.

    While I am not a "fan" of bailing out the automakers, I also have to be realistic in realizing that if no financial assistance is given, it would further negatively impact the country's current financial condition which at this point, it cannot afford. However, I also believe that the bailout should stipulate that each corporation (GM, Chrysler and Ford), perform a major overhaul of its current senior management, design team and overall organizational structure.

    Posted by: Quibarce
  • US automakers contribute a significant amount to the growth of economy.

    The US government should bail out US automakers because they were the nation builders in their prime and during the time of growth. It was the auto makers who gave wheels to the world, and moreover, they help to build the nation. They are like a status symbol of the nation. Last but not the least, they also help in the growth of the economy.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • The United States government should bailout United States automakers since so many people are employed by that industry.

    The US automakers employ millions of people both directly and indirectly. The auto industry is a large portion of the United State economy and if it were to close down it would deal a significant blow economically to the United States. The United States would then need to rely on other auto companies from different countries which would put the US at a distinct disadvantage both economically and militarily. However if the United States bails out the US automakers it needs to come with some strings attached in order to ensure they change their way of business.

    Posted by: VampMarce
  • Yes, automakers should be bailed out under strict guidelines.

    The government should bailout automakers in order to preserve jobs, stimulate the economy and reduce the need for foreign imports. The bailout however requires constant governmental intervention to ensure that the monies given are spent in the manner in which they were intended. Before receiving any money, automakers should have a clear plan in place for repayment.

    Posted by: ThegaXen
  • We the People

    I can't support the bailout of the US automakers because they got into the mess that they are in by themselves. I understand that a bailout would help them get on their feet and create jobs but what about everyone else. There are other industries that need bailed out also. What about people who have lost their jobs, homes, and vehicles. WE THE PEOPLE are the ones who need the bailout.

  • No way jose

    The business leaders turned the industry into what it is, and they did not prepare themselves for competition either. If the U.S. wants to be part of the global economy, then they'd better have all their ducks lined up ready to compete. If not, remove ourselves from the world stage and focus on our internal problems.

    Since the manufacturing sector ship has sailed, what can we do to be part of the knowledge economy? We'd better shift our public school system to prepare for the shift, as going to college for 4 years, racking up $100k in debt, living home until 30 isn't working.

    Hopefully that made some sense-

  • That would be more governement control

    Bailing out companies that should collapse and fall like a true capitalistic country. Bailing out US automakers gives the government more control then they need. This is turning us into a more socialistic country. Yes it would be bad that the companies would have to let go of all their employees... BUT that means other car companies would step up and produce more, thus having to hire more people.

  • Government interference with free market

    The US automakers have had 100 years to learn how to make autos that sell, they cannot with slumping sales & increased imports (& increased pensions from the decades of golden years) afford their overhead.
    That didn't change with a check from taxpayers.

    Autos & parts by Kia, Honda & Volkswagen are manufactured in the southern United States where the unions are not strangling the profits quality & life out of the auto industry.

  • I'm tired or businesses getting a bailout.

    No, if they cannot manage their money any better than that, then they should go under. Before a business, auto or otherwise, gets a handout from the government, they should be required to lower the salaries of all their top people. They should sell those big fancy buildings that their executives work in, and learn to work in smaller buildings.

    Posted by: Ci3nInvader
  • I think the automakers should be left to sink or swim, as they have already been given too much of the American taxpayers' money.

    Auto manufacturers in the U.S. might want to check out the Ford Motor Company. Ford would not take any of the stimulus money offered to them, and they seem to be prospering quite well in these hard times without it. Could this mean that Ford Motors has smarter management? Or, maybe, they are just less greedy.

    Posted by: WinDr
  • The failure of an individual business is the failure of all the workers, and a government bailout simply saves the workers from facing the consequences of their actions.

    U.S. automakers who are unable to pay their bills have clearly been poorly run. These poorly run business are dead weight upon the economy, creating jobs at the cost of taxation of the masses. A government bailout is just the government taking money from the taxpayers, and then paying the salaries of workers who clearly lack the skills needed to complete their jobs.

    Posted by: DampSidney55
  • No, U.S. automakers should find another way to get themselves out of debt, because there are obvious ways to do so, without a bailout.

    It never seems to occur to automakers that, if their vehicles were slightly cheaper, more consumers would be willing to buy them. In this economy, not many people can afford a $30,000 vehicle. By finding ways to lower their production costs and lowering the cost of their products, they should be able to bail themselves out.

    Posted by: AmusingKareem
  • The United States government should not bailout automakers because, if a company is failing, a bailout will likely not help.

    The United States government should not bail out troubled United States automakers. If an auto company is failing, a bailout will just give them more money and keep the company running, until all of the money has been wasted. If a bailout is given, the government should set up regulations for the company.

    Posted by: MaliciousIke
  • Simply, no.

    In a free market, there's no such thing as "too big to fail". If a company of any size goes out of business, that's because nobody liked their goods and services. Of the three major corporations, Ford didn't take a government bailout; Ford bounced back from potential bankruptcy. If no bailouts were given to any of them, the people of GM and Chrysler could easily find jobs for Ford or anyone else.

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Anonymous says2013-07-24T15:24:22.413
What is the term for companies becoming " dependent" on bail outs and not need to improve because they know they will always be bailed out? There was a term used in 2008 by various politicians...Looking for what that term (word) was....The idea that if a company knows it is always going to get bail out money...They have no real incentive to keep out of crisis debt.....