• Yes, they should

    I think we should push every boundary we can get our hands on. If you allow things like this to exist, who is to say it won't cure something down the road. If we made an organism that stopped global warming,wouldn't that be good for the world as a whole.

  • Yes stop GMO'S

    Yes, they should, we need to remember we are one with the earth and when you alter nature you are messing with everything that keeps the earth healthy. Without a healthy earth, we are not healthy, so please stop messing with our natural foods. There are signs that these GMO'S are killing our bee's, without bee's our food chain will collapes.

  • No, the government shouldn't ban genetically modified organisms.

    I do not think that the government should ban the production of genetically modified organisms. I think that such scientific advancements can prove to be beneficial to society and the world. It can find a cure to disease or problems with food sources. As long as laws are not being broken it should be legal.

  • They are more efficient.

    Yesterday, I watched a documentary about the monarch butterfly. The monarch has a hard time landing on places to eat and grow because farmers are plowing down the milkweed they need to live. If they would use GM foods, they would be able to grow more in smaller spaces. Genetically modified foods can help the animals.

  • Systemic effects should be considered

    Although much rhetoric is exchanged about how GMOs are horrific for consumers and should be curbed to an extent, a full ban on GMOs may threaten the levels of food supplies consumed throughout the world. Full scientific study and progression mapping should be employed to see to what extent GMO production should be limited.

  • GMOs should be marked

    No, I do not believe that the United States Government should ban the production of genetically modified organisms. I do, however, believe that the genetically modified organisms should be marked appropriately so that consumers are well aware of what they are putting in their bodies. To hide the fact that GMOs are being sold would be morally and ethically wrong.

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