• Yes they should cut the spending.

    And they can start by eliminating a lot of useless politicians and their lawyers. You never hear of it too much, but money spent on pork-funding. The Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) publishes an annual Pig Book documenting pork barrel projects in the Federal budget. CAGW defines a pork project as a line item in an appropriations bill that designates tax dollars for a specific purpose in circumvention of established budgetary procedures.

  • Yes, the government should stop policing the world and cut military spending.

    Every year, there are millions of dollars that the pentagon simply cannot account for. This is completely unfair to the American taxpayer. We need a stricter regulation of our money, and that money needs to be serving the American people by going to social programs, infrastructure and health and human services instead of being thrown at the military and free politician health care when Americans themselves do not have access to it.

  • I don't think US government need any cutting

    I think cutting of US government would not be neccesary If the governments money didn't go to big corporate's bail outs. If we really think about governments spending go towards security, health care, social security and things at that nature, and these things are what make america a great country. So I don't think that governments spending needs to cut down but spent wisely

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