Should the US Government financially support countries that are currently persecuting Christians?

Asked by: bjjurgenson
  • But y not

    They be snakes. How am i supposed to go to church when all i do is get kicked out. Sorry like god made me this way. I can not get in there bud. That make me more mad tan a goose without a purse. My friend garrett hates wearing hats too

  • What i believe God wants us to have in the Right Mind.

    We all know that some christian preach spastically in places the could get killed for their religion, we should still set an example and help them. But it really is all about how you look at it-
    1.You could see it as -this country is paying for our death sentence!-
    2. Or you could see is as -this christian country is helping support me even if i am in hiding from persecution.-
    So in all, some people are going to believe # 1., and some for # 2.
    But 2 Timothy 3:12 says-
    "Indeed all who desire to live a godly life in Christ will be persecuted.
    We all live in a sinful world because we as a people are not perfect. And i believe it is our duty as Christians is to support each other in telling others the life story the Christ has lade down for us. Not forcing our beliefs but simply giving others the chance to listen.

  • We should help our brothers

    The United States is the largest Christian nation in the world and the wealthiest as well. We should be helping our persecuted brethren in Muslim countries because it is our spiritual duty. Christians are known to help orphans, refugees, women, and children in war-torn countries like Iraq and Syria. Christians are going through a genocide in the Islamic world and it is time for the leader of the free world to stand up for Christian rights.

  • The US government should NOT support any country that persecutes people for their religion

    Other than humanitarian aid the US government should not financially support any country that persecutes people for their religion, whether that religion is Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or even nonreligion or atheism (which yes I know aren't religions but freedom of religion includes the freedom not to be religious). The US should stand up for human rights. We also should not give financial support to regimes supporting homophobia, racism, or sexism.

  • Supporting a worthy cause

    You might support a charity if you believed it was helping people, and by supporting it, you could help people. But if you found out the charity you were donating to was doing more harm than good? Would you still feel good about helping? Would you still support them?
    We should not support countries that harass and persecute innocent people because rather than help them help people, we would help them cause trouble, so indirectly we would be the ones persecuting the Christians.

  • The government should NOT support the murder of innocence. This is not defending yourself America.

    I'm Messianic Jewish and not a big fan of lesbians or the Muslim faith but, at least I don't go out in the street just to kill them. The only reason I would kill someone is if I was protecting myself or someone else. By supporting these countries America is NOT defending itself.

  • Don't support countries that persecute Christians

    There are so many religions,not everyone will agree that one religion is the right one to follow. We all have our different opinions and its not gonna change, we just have to deal with it. It's not right to kill people just because they don't have the same believes that you do. If we support these countries these innocent people will keep dying for having their own believes.

  • Most of America is christian people.

    Why should they support countries who kill a majority of the population of their country. I can see why you might say yes because it might make them stop, but it hasn't stopped so far and i think we have given them one too many chances. Im christian and i dont want to live in a community who supports killing the majority of the population

  • GOD meant for Christians to be persecuted so people would listen about Him more!

    This is just how it was meant to be w/ God! And i'm not saying that it will be like this forever, i'm just saying, there are countries who actually need that money! And God is everywhere so its not like he just decided to persecute Christians to make the Devil happy! No! Its a tool that helps us rely on God's steadfastness and His faithfulness, even in persecution.

  • They are killing Christians.

    Why would you support a country that are killing people for what they believe? If you believed that peanut butter is the best sandwich spread and your best friend believed that jelly was, would you kill them?? NO! It's the same thing here. Some people believe that they should love God, while others have different "gods" to believe in.

  • The constitution says we have a right to our own religion. Why stop that?

    Don't take freedom away from those who have it. Every man has a right to have a right to worship in there beliefs. Its like taking a wild bull and trying to fit it in a small box feeding it nothing. It has nothing to live off. Just like anyone who has here religious beliefs taken away.

  • Killed because of religion

    If the United States is $20 trillion dollars in debt and is attempting to solve that problem by raising the U.S. citizens taxes then the U.S. citizens should be able to visit the countries that the U.S. is financially supporting without being abused, and tortured, and much worse. And all because of their own personal beliefs???

  • Why would we do that?????

    Henlo my dudes becuz trump is teh epikest dud on da world he is teh epik duck deh awesome guy ya hes kewl he supports it not it the cause but it the clown becuz trump IS a clown so ye dats wat i got to sai ya have a nice day mah dudes

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