Should the US government fund underground gay liberation groups in homophobic countries

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • They need our help against their oppressive societies

    In many countries gay people are persecuted ruthlessly. In Iran they hang people if they catch them being gay. There are likely to be underground groups fighting for gay rights in these countries. The United States government should provide funding and other supplies to these groups to agitate against their regimes. We should also help underground groups of people who are persecuted because of religious beliefs or lackthereof (in many countries religions other than the official religion is banned or if other religions are tolerated atheism and agnosticism are not).

  • Freedom should be valued and experienced everywhere

    The way that gay people are being treated in some other countries is atrocious. The_Immortal_Emris is correct about this terrible support for oppression of gay people. If we are truly a country that values freedom, we should value others' freedom as well. As of right now, people are not starving nation-wide. There are likely some rare cases of starvation in the US, but I'm led to believe that most of those starving are not utilizing resources to their fullest (resources like soup kitchens, food stamps, outreach centers, "Meals on Wheels", etc.) This is a pretty proud country. Sometimes it's too proud.

    We can help people in homophobic countries. It is not out of question. Furthermore, liberating gay from various persecutions is quite similar to liberating the Jewish from concentration camps Yet, I've never heard an American say that we shouldn't have helped liberate Jewish people. The "Jews" are people. The "gays" are people.

    Common argument - yes - "It's not our job." What do our parents say when we say it's not our mess? "I don't care. Clean it up." If no one does anything, nothing will change.

  • It's better than the alternative.

    Seeing as American politicians have been active in creating the very anti-gay laws used to justify the murder of gay people in Africa, I will be sure to hold my breath on their concentrated effort to subvert the very laws they influenced.






    Links to provide sickening perspective.

  • SHould the US spend taxpayers money to promote homosexuality around the world?

    NO! Ofcourse not, how ridiculous. Government is for governing, your own country, not other peoples, who don't necessarily have any population of oppressed homosexuals. Homosexuality has been shown to be a product of abuse and exposure to pthalates before birth. Both of these are common in the USA, but not elsewhere in the world. The gay agenda is just getting way out of hand. It is an anti family agenda, an agenda which makes the state parents of us all, and that is what is indicative here. Homosexuals are disease ridden, and are over 20x more likely to abuse children that heterosexuals. Yeah, that really sounds like a great thing to export to countries which cannot spend millions on aids medication, nor protect their children.

  • No, Who are we to force our beliefs on other nations?

    I think gays should be able to live in peace, but it is all about the golden rule, how would you like another country to bust our doors down and force us to live a certain law that THEY feel is morally right?
    There would be an outrage of civil rights we feel would be violated.

  • No, this is stupid.

    I am a homosexual from America and I think this is totally ridiculous. I am against all foreign aid to all countries. This has nothing to do with promoting or not promoting an agenda. It has to do with the fact that we would be taking money from poor people in this country and giving it to rich people in poor countries. I am against taking money from American citizens and propping up regimes and policies that not all of those Americans support.

  • It would lead to disaster.

    I think gays should have the same rights as anyone else. But I don't think it would be a very good idea to fund underground groups. First, we could use the money for something else. Such as, going to Mars, or finding a cure for cancer (just examples). Aside from the point, it would destroy foreign relations. We don't want to get involved in something when the U.S doesn't support underground groups in the U.S. And lastly, we wouldn't want to divide our country over something that's happening in another. We should focus on unifying our country, before we start something else.

  • No, most certainly not.

    While most would support this idea, it would most likely be a disaster. The United States is still somewhat divided on Homosexual rights, and it is very much a partisian issue. An already divided country would become even more divided, and the radical political groups would only become more radical. Until the US decides what it's policy on Homosexuality is, we shouldn't involve ourselves in others.

  • It would destroy US Foreign Relations

    Yes, it would seem as though it is a great idea, but first of all, the United States is still very homophobic (Go to the south, you'll find no trouble finding somebody like that). Not only that, but remember the fact that the United States has already gone into all of these wars. I think we can fund political groups in those nations that assist such, but risking lives and political relationships to impose our opinion on another nation is quite dangerous and could end up being catastrophic.

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