Should the US government increase social services for the poor?

  • People are not lazy. The system is unjust.

    Everyone has a desire to work, to be autonomous, to contribute. If someone loses their ability to work, then there is an issue that needs to be addressed with compassion and care. Mental illnesses are real and they need real attention. If we spent more money on preventative care, we would not have to spend so much money supporting people who should have been taken care of long before their life fell apart. Our society also is setup to systematically oppress people, especially poor people. We should use resources to help people climb out of poverty instead of punish them for not having access to health and resources. Let's stop demonizing people, not only because duh, it's wrong, but also oppression hurts everybody's wallet.

  • Older women still being shoved aside

    Older women are poor for a reason. They got paid way less than men. They were shoved aside so that 'the boys' of the era got to thrive. Women of baby boom era and below are the ones affected. Most were treated horribly, and still are. The US is being a cheapskate by not making amends to these older women for the way they have always been treated. Only the women who came from well off families got anywhere, the poor ones had to scrounge for anything they could and still are.

  • Victims or Wrongdoers

    I think that I will be forever amazed and disheartened by the continuing perception of the poor as products of their own actions. Many are the product of challenges that run the gamut from personal choice, social & economic community resources, and educational and income opportunities .. .Or the lack of.

  • The Government needs to refocus and increase its support

    The Government needs to stop providing "aide" in the form of mortgages, loans and tax breaks (all relatively useless to the poor and homeless) and start providing homes, food and services. The current system primarily serves banks, bureaucrats, and politicians. We are the richest country in the world. There should be no involuntary homelessness - period.

  • Yes we should

    People deserve support. Our government is there to help people and provide the highest quality life possible to all the citizens. Furthermore, it is important the these social services exist as they enable, on the whole, our society to be more productive. Education, health care, and much more are simple human rights.

  • Yes social services should be increased

    It's only fair that we look out for the less privelaged. We seem to be blinded by the richesse lifestyle or mediocre lifestyle even, that we remain oblivious to the real problems in society. The government should spend money on useful things as mentioned above, rather than create wars/kill civilians in different countries..

  • They need help

    The us gov needs to help poor people live with rights and a good society so they can live and live right even fought Obama makes really good decisions and I know he will help a lot so help the poor in the USA . Go for it USA .

  • We should help.

    We need to help the poor out because what if you were the "poor" person. God forbid that but try to put yourself in that persons shoes. Not every one is born in a good family. Just because u are born in one doesnt mean that u cant help out the ones who arent born in a good family/ environment. Half the kids in the bad parts of the world are dying. We need to step up our game and try to help. The poor people are also humans they also have dreams of getting a higher education and living life the way we all do.

  • Yes we should help the needy

    We spend so much money on some other ridiculous things that we forget that they are other people that are sleeping on a bench or under a bridge. Space exploration receives enough money to get half of the people in need some help or a shelter to provide them some kind of a place where they can call it home.

  • Help is Needed

    Without my dads medicare I wouldn't be able to get my insulin I would die. Though I think there should be more regulations so stupid people do not abuse it. Like drug testing and making sure their getting things to support living not I phones. That's my opinion. Thank you

  • Find a job if you are able, receive support if not

    I absolutely believe that the elderly, children, and the disabled should receive government assistance. These people are not physically capable of taking care of themselves or providing for themselves. However, I cannot say how many times I have witnessed the abuse of these funds by the people receiving them. If people are well enough to volunteer, they are well enough to find a job. The job they find may not be glamorous, but it is a start. If that is what it takes to get them out of poverty then they should take responsibility for themselves. I have seen billboards for large companies that are trying to find workers. The problem being that the people who apply cannot pass the drug tests requred to receive a job. This is not the fault of the government, it is that of the individual who made the choice to take the drugs. It is the role of the government to provide for the people who cannot provide for themselves, not to continue to support those who choose not to. By giving these people more money we are not helping them to get out of poverty. Why look for another job when you are getting free money? We should not cut back on these funds, but we absolutely should not increase them. We need to be much more strict in the monitoring of the money we are handing out. Drug tests should be administered to each person who is receiving the money, maybe that will provide them with some initiative to get a job.

  • Dependency, poor, laziness!

    Creates more dependency on the rich, allowing the poor to do less and less now they know they don't need to work. The majority of the poor serve as parasites to democracy, allowing for politicians to feed more and more welfare to the least productive sector of society. As a result, Why can't the most productive sector receive tax breaks for all the jobs they helped create through their "greedy"actions?

  • Government shouldn't support people in poverty who made a "wrong turn."

    Some people go into poverty because they messed up in life. Drug abuse, alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy, gambling, etc. I'm doing research on this for a school essay, and more than half the people who are in poverty now are in poverty because of something stupid they did. Hence, I don't think government should provide any more support for people in poverty. What they have now is enough. No more, no less.

  • No the US government should not increase social services for the poor.

    "For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: if anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat." 2 Thessalonians 3:10

    If the poor want to have a better life, they should work harder to advanced their position in life. A society doesn't run on everyone having the same standard of living. It isn't the governments job to steal from the rich, who have worked hard for their wealth, and give to those unwilling to work.

  • No way

    We already have welfare and social services, why do we need to increase it? The people who receive welfare and other social services are typically free from government aid after two years. This shows us that it works! There is no logical reason to change something that is not broken.

  • Survival of the Fittest

    The further we move away from the natural order of survival of the fittest, the faster we will implode and turn to anarchy.
    I hate to say it, but life's not fair. If you can't figure out how to bring your own worth to the table, then what's the point.
    If a family or community chooses to help some one of less fortune, then that is great. I'm all for it. But this burden shouldn't be put onto other people just because the government says so.

    I'm disgusted by how people are these days.

  • It's not the government's problem!!

    Why do we have to give are hard EARNED money to the people we all know can get a job, and pay for things themselves. Instead of living off the government all their lives! People take advantage of the social services all the time. And I do not think that it's right. We are just wasting our (tax) money on people who can take care of themselves instead of us taking care/helping them!

  • It's not the goverments job!

    Why should the goverment give our hard earned tax money to those who chose to live that way? I mean I would like for my money to go into paying the military. Not lazy people. Who spend their money on drugs and such. The goverment is supose to protect us.. Not wast our money.

  • Abuse Outweighs Assistance

    With regards to the social service debate I believe that the main focal point should be centered about who uses the system and why. Now I am not implying through this argument that people don't need government support, however I am stating that government support is not always helpful and can lead to a common thinking of dependency on the government and that is very dangerous. Now a solution to this abuse of the program would more or less be background checks, maybe not an extensive report, but a checklist. Like having a job or at least not a felon.

  • No People Need to Support themselves

    People need to support themselves. Just because they made bad decisions doesn't mean the government needs to support them. Drug and alcohol problems should not be solved by the government. Welfare should only be given to people who need it, not people that are too lazy to get a job and support themselves.

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