Should the US government interfere with the operation of private businesses?

  • Following the rules

    I f the government didn't set rules/ regulations then private companies could just do whatever they wanted like dump toxic waste down the drains or not may there employees according to the law. There has to be rules set and followed and they have to be regulated by someone. Who would regulate what goes in the food we eat, and make sure its all ok to eat.

  • Setting guidelines vs. Controlling

    The U.S has already set in place basic rules to protect the people and should continue to using the most minimal amount of interference. We are a capitalist country and by definition this gives us the right to have a private business that we can manage and attain profit on ourselves. This also means (based on the laze fairs policy of capitalism) that the government does not get to interfere with the operations of a business beyond those guidelines put in place for the people's protection.

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