Should the US government stop importing hemp products and encourage local enterprises to make them?

  • Yes, they should.

    Hemp is a very useful resource that can be used to make many things such as rope, paper, clothing, and many other things you could think of. It would be useful for local business around the United States to make these products and sell them in American and also export them to other countries.

  • Hemp in the USA

    I believe the United States government should stop importing hemp products because we could easily turn the hemp industry into an American industry. It once was and it can be again. These plants grow easily and this can be done on American soil and in American warehouses. Furthermore it would provide a lot of jobs that pay better than minimum wage.

  • Yes, they should

    It really depends on the hemp market, is it really that lucrative? If the cost isn't that much different to import the stuff than why even bother. I don't own one hemp product, at least that I know of,but I could be wrong. If it is big business, then by all means do it.

  • Local is better.

    Hemp is a crop that is actually very easy to grow. It's not quite as water intensive as some other crops, meaning it can be grown almost anywhere. Given those two facts, I think it would be more responsible for the United States to encourage local production rather than relying on imports.

  • Marijuana is still illegal.

    Two states have deleted state level laws from their books with regard to marijuana. It is not legal to have it, grow it, or sell it anywhere. The federal government and the DEA still have jurisdiction everywhere. The only way to restrict marijuana growth to just hemp is to leave that work to trade partners along with the legal struggles. If the US decriminalizes marijuana completely, then importing hemp will no longer make sense.

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