Should the US have a $15 bill with Ronald Reagan on it?

Asked by: Kilk1
  • Yes we should.

    Reagan was a great guy, Grant was a racist piece of trash. Grant was both a white supremacist and an antisemitic, he prohibited Jews from joining or trading with the US army, he was a racist, Reagan was a great guy, I'd have Reagan on the 50$ bill over Grant any day of the week.

  • It would be cool.

    I see practical value in there being a $15 bill. (Despite the above image, this discussion is not about $50 bills.) Also, considering the fact that Ronald Reagan is discussed frequently even today—as is done with those such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and John F. Kennedy—it seems he would be a good candidate for being on the currency of the U.S.

  • Who uses paper money anymore unless they're buying drugs/prostitute?

    The US should not have a $15 bill, because the US shouldn't be making more paper money. Anybody with a bank account can tell you that our money is digital now, and paper money will soon fade out like pennies are starting to. So what if something costs $14.99 or $19.99? Swipe, done, no change needed, and an immediate digital receipt is created online for a simple documented reference.
    Cash sucks...Except for buying drugs.

  • Not very practical.

    Hardly anything cost exactly $15 (or $14.99, 14.98, etc) at stores and the people on the dollar bills change over time, too. A new kind of dollar bill hasn't been made in a long time, I believe. Ronald Reagan was a great president and is mentioned quiet frequently today, but I don't think it would be the best idea to print a bunch of $15 bills.

  • Keep It The Same!

    We currently have 6 bills (7 if you count the rare $2 bill). We have too much paper money already. Many more people are starting to stop to believe in paper money. I think that adding any more would make it worse. We should keep it how it is already.

  • Reagan was a president like many others

    Reagan was a president like many others, for one as stated in a previous point we don't need another bill and two) there are so many more presidents who we could put on a bill that were by far better than Reagan. Kennedy, Obama, Roosevelt, Wilson, And actually Abraham would look good on a bill.

  • I don't think we really need another bill.

    As for Reagan, I consider him a good president, others don't. My preference would be if they simply eliminated all portraits of everyone from every bill. No more debates over who is worthy and who isn't, in which there will never be satisfaction for all. Just money being money and that's it.

  • People who are on currency have contributed to US monetary policy

    Andrew Jackson abolished the US federal bank, Alexander Hamilton was the one proposed the US having its own national currency, Lincoln was the one who actually carried out A. Hamilton's wish.... The point im making here is that the people who are on the bills of the US currency are on there because they in some way played a huge role in the creation or alteration of the US currency in the first place. Reagan did no such thing and to invent an entirely new denomination of currency just to put his face on it is nothing more than a wet dream of a blowhard conservative.

  • No, and Reagan isn't deserving of such an honor

    I think Andrew Jackson should no longer be portrayed on currency given his crimes against humanity by expunging native Americans of their territory and having soldiers kill those who refused. I believe John F. Kennedy or Franklin Delano Roosevelt (World War II) should be on the $20 bill instead.

    Speaking of Reagan, why do Republicans wax poetically over him? Dwight D. Eisenhower was- to me- the best Republican President the nation ever had.

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Kilk1 says2015-09-10T21:23:30.110
Despite the image used, the question refers to a "$15," not "50$," bill.