Should the US have a law allowing gay marriage?

Asked by: DutchHarbor
  • Unnatural ? Really ?

    It's ridiculous and absurd to claim that anything on this planet is UNNATURAL. I presume that by saying unnatural you mean against nature or against the laws of nature. Sir, let me remind you that nature has been here since forever, or if you count the age of our planet then it has been here since 4.6 billion years. You in fact have been on this planet ( again presuming) for less than 50 years. Now 50 years vs. 4.6 billion years, there's no way you can know or declare what nature is up to or what it intends or how it made people and decided sexual interactions. THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN DECIDE THAT. Moreover, tagging things as unnatural sounds as if you've been appointed as the personal secretary to mother nature. Therefore, keep your faith about Nature to yourself and do not call it unnatural since it reflects upon your hypocrisy and sanctimony. Thank you.

  • I don't see a problem with it

    Who am i to say gay marriage is not ok? If you like another guy than that is you. Same thing with girls. I don't exactly think it is wright but i can't tell you who yo marry. We had a similar problem up and till 1967 with loving vs Virginia. Before this ruling it was illegal for a black person to marry a white person. Why is that wrong but gay marriage isn't. If two people like each other then go for it. You can't tell a people they can't marry because you don't agree with what they like,my 9th grade teacher last trimester taught me a saying which says "don't yuck my yum". Just because i don't like gay relationships doesn't mean it shouldn't be legal

  • Yes, but no adoption of children.

    Gay people can't help being gay, so they shouldn't suffer for it. However, they should not be allowed to adopt children because then, their children might be influenced by their parents and be gay, too. If a child has gay parents, who are the most influential figures in early childhood, then they might be influenced and become gay.

  • The US Constitution

    The United States Constitution guarantees the right to pursue happiness, and banning gay marriage is keeping happiness from some people. It's discrimination and unconstitutional. It's not a sin, god doesn't exist, and it's not unnatural. Homosexual relationships are found in nature all the time, in thousands of species. Why should we restrict people from loving other people?

  • No logical reason why not.

    There is no reason they shouldn't be allowed equal rights as heterosexuals and it doesn't effect heterosexual people. Those against homosexuality aren't being forced to attend gay weddings. The Bible isn't really a valid excuse either, as if we were to take that literally, we must take everything it says literally which would be absurd.

  • It has to happen.

    I will say this right off the bat, I do not think being homosexual is right in anyway shape or form, but the truth of the matter is it has to happen. My opinion of it being ethical or natural is irrelevant. This country was founded on equality and freedom. If homosexuals cannot marry each other than why can heterosexuals. They both have to be able to. This is America. It's only fair and equal. The governement gives out benefits to married couples. Homosexuals cannot reciece these benefits. The government will eventually be forced to stop their discrimination against homosexuals like they finally did with African-Americans.

    We need to bring this country closer to the phrase, "land of the free."

  • Between Consenting Adults

    Our country is lucky enough to have a separation of church and state. Therefore, the question of a law regarding gay marriage must be addressed on a completely secular platform. A vast majority of the argument against homosexuality is based in religion, but thanks to the separation of church and state, all of those arguments are moot in a court of law. The only remaining argument is that homosexuality should be made illegal to "keep people safe." This argument has no logical basis, and since we don't feel the need to "protect" citizens against other potentially dangerous (but consensual) actions like owning firearms or going out to bars, then we have no basis to outlaw any form of homosexuality, including marriage between two consenting adults.

  • Separation of Church and State

    By it's definition marriage is an act of a religious group, a type of sacrament. There should be no law forcing people to let others receive a religious sacrament if the precepts of the religion are opposed to it. However, if the writing of the law was altered to instead say "civil union" instead of marriage then I would agree. A civil union is a government issued licence while marriage is based upon a theological standard.

  • Unhealthy for the masses, and unnatural

    It's simply unnatural. Homosexuals also have the potential to spread diseases. Should we also allow marriage between inanimate objects? What, you can make love with a laptop for sure. You can feel pleasure from it. So it is for homosexuals. Its entirely stupid. Same as for other things, you know.

  • No one is stopped from loving anyone

    Marriage is the union of a male and a female with the ultimate goal being procreation. Gay people can love each other, but they should not be able to get married because it is not a heterosexual union that can result in children. Gay people should not be able to redefine marriage.

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