• Can you spell Mississippi?

    If states, or worse still, local governments, were left to their own devices, the education and income gap would only widen further. States with deeply held backwoods views would cut funding, end equality programs and probably teach from the books of William Jennings Bryan, dooming generations of kids that would have no alternative. Federal oversight is the only way to attempt a level playing field.

  • The US should not have a national board of education

    The US should not have the a national board of education. There is an agency, the Department of Education, that oversees the national interests and goals. Creating a board of education at the federal level will create duplicate efforts and increase bureaucracy. There are certain items that are better left to the local level.

  • The United States should not have a national board of education

    Under no circumstances should the United States have a national Board of Education. We are already witness to the incompetence of the Department of Education that currently exists. To put even more power into the hands of the federal government would not only be an utter disaster, it would be a complete disservice to our children.

  • US does not need a national board of education

    Each state has different things that are important to its citizens. Although many things are common among the US, each state should have the right to alter their schools to suit the needs of those that live in the state. A national board would create too much conflict amongst opposing states that have varying lifestyles.

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Craighawley215 says2016-03-07T15:59:41.437
The fact that 3 people think we don't need a board of education is proof that we NEED a board of education, to supervise the EDUCATION of these people. Also, I can't stand it when people post questions and responses anonymously. If you have an opinion, you should be willing to stand by it.