Should the US have boycotted the Sochi Olympics due to Russia's Anti-Gay Crackdown?

  • Yes, they are in the dark ages.

    When our own citizens who are visiting and our own athletes who are performing are threatened by this anti gay crackdown, then it is time to take a stand because otherwise it looks like we approve. There is a mockery being made of the Olympian diversity, and we need to make sure this is known.

  • I am total gay rights don't get me wrong.

    I am all for gays and support them all the way but stopping our country's athletes from competing in the competition that they have prepared for their entire lives is not the way to do it. The definition of 'boycott' is withdraw from commercial or social relations with (a country, organization, or person) as a punishment or protest. The protesters there have protested their opinions because they believe it is right for them to protest their side on gay rights. But I can guarantee you that not all Americans support gay rights and no person on earth has the power or authority to stop a country from participating in the Olympics because of a group's opinion of foreign laws.

  • Russia is a sovereign nation.

    Russia can't tell us what laws to make or repeal, and we can't tell Russia to repeal or make laws. Russia's government has supreme authority within its borders and will ignore what people outside of its borders think. Most Russians support this law and it is unlikely to change anytime soon.
    Additionally, I enjoy rooting for the US at the Olympics. I wouldn't want the US to not participate just because the host nation doesn't perfectly match our ideology. Also, it would be unfair to the athletes to be told that they can't go.

  • The Olympic Committee should start being more responsible

    As a gay man living the US of Russian descent, I would be insulted if the US boycotted the Olympics in Sochi, I would never want my life to effect those around me participating in the Olympics. The IOC should really grow up and start giving the Olympics to countries that are financially responsible not just interesting. Both China and Russia have a large amount of people making below one dollar. Only the big cities are generating money for both these countries and even in these cities there are to many people below the poverty level. IOC gave Brazil, Russia, and China the opportunity to host the Olympics knowing fully well the injustices that they have committed. The protests in all of these countries only prove my point further of the irresponsible IOC.

  • It is better to stand up than stand down. (British sixteen year old)

    Like a bully you should face them, everyone is entitled to their views but if you hurt someone because they have a different sexuality. Is the same for hurting someone if they have blonde hair or have a darker skin tone than you do. Even if it is a choice to be gay it isn't hurting anyone. I don't want that argument to happen. What i am saying is that if America is seen to take part in the games it isn't support it is telling the world that we do not stand for it we shall show you by showing love and peace between countries and you will still look like the bully and we will show you for what you are when the entire world is talking about how terrible you are. If they had boycotted then there would be more silence.

  • Should Have Boycotted Over Security Issues

    The United States shouldn't have boycotted the Sochi Olympics due to Russia's anti-gay crackdown. Instead, the United States should have boycotted over security issues and human rights violations. Plus, the Boston Marathon bombers came from Russia (Chechnya to be exact). The U.S. should have boycotted the Beijing Olympics as well because of China's deplorable human rights violations as well. Apparently, the spirit of Olympic competition has changed since 1980 and 1984.

  • No, Obama's gay delegation makes America's position clear

    President Obama has chosen the perfect response to Russia’s
    anti-gay attitude. Mr. Obama himself will not attend the Olympics, but will
    send a lively delegation of openly gay celebrities in his place. Any prizes
    American athletes win will show Russia what an open, equalitarian society can achieve,
    compared to a primitive, inhibited, freedom-hating one. Without snubbing the world’s
    athletes with a boycott, America will have made its position clear.

  • Olympics is not about politics.

    No, the US should not have boycotted the Sochi Olympics due to Russia's Anti-Gay crackdown, because it is not a time for politics. The people who compete in the Olympics have been training very hard, and it would be unfair to their efforts to boycott the Olympics because of political reasons. We never should have boycotted in 1984.

  • Russia Should Do As It Pleases

    I do not believe the US should boycott at the Olympics. The Olympics are a global event that just happened to be located to Russia, this one time. I do not think this is the proper place for the United States to voice its opinion against Russia's anti-gay crackdown. The Olympics are for everyone and boycotting them could send the wrong message.

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