• The US should have national educational standards

    It is my opinion that United States should have national educational standards. Although every student is a unique individual, it would not be a negative experience to undergo an education that strove for a standard that everyone is expected to reach or exceed. A national standard for education would motivate students to succeed.

  • Everyone Should Learn the Same Thing

    Everyone in America should learn the same basic thing. Kids in Iowa and Illinois have different tax bases than Louisiana and Mississippi. We get what we pay for, and some states don't pay as much on education. The United States should have the same national educational standards because we are far behind other countries in math and science. America is slipping behind Asia and Europe in education prowess and it shows--just watch the glut of reality television shows being broadcast today.

  • Common core is a mess.

    No, the U.S. should not have national education standards, because common core has been a disaster that has locked children into rigid general programming that is not the best for everyone. It is pompous for a few educators in Washington DC to decide that they know best for millions of educators and children in the entire country.

  • No, each state should

    It does not make sense to have education standards at the national level. Each state deals with different issues. For example, California deals with a lot of non-English speakers, which Kentucky does not. Each state should set their standards based upon the needs of their students, which they know better than the Federal Government.

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