• The US should have strict net neturality laws.

    The US should have strict net neutrality laws. Violation of net neutrality laws affects both users and service providers. Net neutrality is another way of ensuring that there is no political interference in use and access of the Internet. Given that the Internet has became the most important means of communication exchange violation of net neutrality laws amounts to violation of the right and freedom of users.

  • Yes, net neutrality is an important, new type of freedom we must protect.

    Net neutrality is a topic the founding fathers never had to worry about, but I think they'd come down on the side of freedom. I believe we should never surrender any of our freedoms, especially to corporations like cable companies and broadband providers. It seems ill-thought-out to hand the keys of our freedom over to companies like Comcast, who have a very low customer satisfaction rating and hold a monopoly on the industry.

  • US should have strict net neutrality laws

    The US should have strict net neutrality laws in place. The laws are based on the principle that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data the same. This means that they cannot charge different rates by user or content. It would be unfair to apply the principle of different utility rates to customers. The same idea should apply to the Internet.

  • The US has the responsibility to protect its citizens...including online

    The United States should not have strict net neutrality laws. There are plenty of harmful things online, such as pornography, bullying, and cyber crimes. If the United States law enforcement were to say "anything goes" when it comes to online content and websites, then they'd be setting the nation up to be extremely vulnerable.

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