Should the US intervene in other countries' affairs?

  • Yes, the us should interfere with other countries affairs.

    The words a hard place if we help others that gives us an ally if another country try to start war.Some times we go into war and we need allies to keep us winning the wars because soon other countries will find and advantage point its best to have friends than enemy.

  • If we are morally obligated to, or if it is a threat to North America.

    If an ally if the US is being invaded (such as Canada, Austrailia, the UK, really anywhere in central and western Europe) we are morally obligated to assist them. I'm aware that lots of people hate the term 'morally obligated' but face it, sometimes we are. If there is a threat to North America, for example, WWII, where if the USA hadn't joined into the war, they would obviously be invaded later on, it is crucial that America intervenes.

  • We have our own internal problems!

    We spend billions each year on proxy wars in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world. To what end? What have those efforts done for the American people? We have healthcare costs soaring out of control; there are lingering issues of racism; our medical system is good, but could be so much better; our veterans are suffering at home trying to get jobs and adequate care for the atrocities they've witnessed, and; we continue to rely on fossil fuels when, if we spent a fraction of the money we spend on foreign "interests", we could have advanced our own technologies to a point where they are cost efficient and we're no longer relying solely on oil/coal. Let's not forget about our education system and the cuts made by the Federal government and States in an effort to make ends meet financially.
    I get it, there is a belief we have a "moral obligation" to help those in need. I agree, but we can certainly do that with humanitarian aid, not our soldiers lives. If an ally calls for help, yes we should help them, but lets stop inserting ourselves where we're not wanted.

  • Its human rights violation!

    When US intervenes, it disturbes the whole government system, thus the whole population. Countries full of resources suffer poverty after USA's intervention as America takes the whole money that the nation should have actually got after selling the resouces. Besides, intervention is criminal as it follows by riots, financial crises and in some cases civil wars too!

  • Not American Business

    The US has intervened far too often in foreign affairs. Some people have called the US the cops of the world and other derogatory terms. It is not the job of America to police the affairs of every other countries. Sometimes, countries need to be allowed to govern themselves and their people.

  • No, the US should not intervine in other countries affairs.

    The United States should stop meddling in other countries affairs. It would give the United States time to recover financially from it's debt and the last recession. All of the military intervention in these third world nations is a major waste of the United States resources. Our children cannot afford our meddling.

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