• Yes, We should.

    When something goes on in a foreign country, Chances are we will leave it alone, Unless that happening in that country affects us. When the middle east was embroiled in a Soviet attack in the 70s and when the Taliban was taking hold in the 90s, We did nothing, Because it wasn't affecting us. But when the Taliban decided they would take down the world trade centers in 2001, We sprung into action, Because now their little conflicts in their country's have now become our problem. We should learn from the past and actually do something about these conflicts before the conflicts come to us.

  • Yes, we should. This is why.

    The US.'s oil production has gone up greatly to 62% more than back at 2010. We rely on "Persians Gulf Oil". For access, it's in the Middle East. If we intervene, we might even stop a "devastating deadly war". Think about it, if the other countries get into a disagreement, we can help and turn it around. We shouldn't stand by and not do anything. Helping the other countries could get us more allies, too. Better be making friends than enemies. We don't want to be blamed for being a standby. To those who're putting the CONS on the PRO side, that's really dumb. Just so you know.

  • Many of the wars that the United States fights are justified with unacheiveable goals and are driven by the benefits of large oil producers.

    President John F. Kennedy once said that, “Mankind must put an end to war - or war will put an end to mankind.” War isn't something that just affects the people fighting it; it also affects their families. In Vietnam, over 58,000 young soldiers died fighting for a cause that many Americans didn't believe in. The goal in Vietnam was to stop the spread of Communism, a goal many would say was unachievable. With all the casualties and losses that there was out there, who can blame them. Issues that the U.S. claims to be solving are excuses made to justify actions that are meant to help maintain our military presence throughout the world. The United States has been at war in the Middle East for over a decade, and many soldiers are still being stationed in countries away from their families. The military claims that our goal is to stop the spread of terrorism; instead it is to secure natural resources. While soldiers are being sent to fight for causes that they believe in such as the nation's defense, Western Oil Companies are looking to set up shop in these conquered areas where oil is rich. Bottom line, it is not ethical or moral to send truly patriotic American soldiers to fight a war for unachievable causes and to expand oil corporations’ profits.

  • Of course not.

    The U.S. is already in huge financial debt, costing 20.1 trillion dollars, not only that, but terrorism has struck the United States with grief and depression. Even though we are a successful and developed country, we would need our troops for U.S., and not other countries, this is my claim.

  • Should not do

    Many soldiers will die many money will be wasted we can use this money to do a good and better thing for our country lets stop violence and wars and try to bring peace to this world this is against the constitution and lligal lets not commit more violence ok

  • Intervening in the middle east is a terrible idea

    We have not had one decade from the last one hundred years when we weren't in a war of some sort, and now the government wants to go into Syria? That is just a bad idea. I think we should just let the middle east take care of their own problems. I didn't vote for him.

  • What is the US thinking? Are we really going to get ourselves stuck in another devastating deadly war?

    I think not! We haven't even moved ourselves out of Afghanistan yet and the US already wants to participate in a new war! Is the US just craving blood and war? We have our own problems in our own country yet the US feels the need to engage in Syria. I really hope they change their mind like they did last year.

  • The US should not intervene.

    The United States should not intervene in the Middle East. The tension in the Middle East is already high enough and the United States should just stay away. The conflict in the Middle East has been going on forever and the United States intervening will not help out at all.

  • No, interfering in foreign affairs is a horrible idea.

    The US should not have intervened in any foreign events. There are plenty of problems in our own country that should take priority over trying to spread democracy to an area that doesn't necessarily want it. Now our military forces are spread thin trying to engage in too many foreign affairs that shouldn't have required the US's attention.

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