• There's no issue with gun control, as long as it's reasonable.

    Gun control is a needed thing in America today. I'm not saying that all guns should be taken away, or that they shouldn't be available to the public at all, but gun control needs to be enforced. Crime would decrease, there would be less shootings, and nowhere near as much death or as many casualties as there are now. Gun control does work, for those who say it doesn't. Australia, a country with much better gun control laws than us, has enforced laws that ban all semi-automatics. That is a bit extreme, yes, but it is a good precautionary measure. I think America should take some better precautionary measures.

  • I can't see the issue with reasonable gun control

    To clarify, I'm not talking about getting rid of all guns or anything of equal absurdity. I just think that it's in our best interest to at least try and regulate the kinds of people that have guns. It's such a serious responsibility, and it simply doesn't make sense to me that people who haven't demonstrated any level of responsibility or respect for a gun's power can be given one.

  • Yes, but not too much. Guns have stopped a lot of bad but you only here about the bad.

    The media only cares about what makes them money. So they only report on gun violence never about how guns help. There are a lot of illegal guns that are being used to do bad things so we need to crack down on that. If there is a major gun accident then it is most likely that you were not using the gun correctly and should not of had that gun for that reason.

  • If no one has a gun, no one needs a gun.

    People say they need guns for their protection, but if no one has a gun, nobody needs one anymore. Now, I know that criminals still find ways to get firearms, but criminals very rarely kill ordinary people. If they do, they're terrorists, and if their a terrorist, then, trust me, you won't get a chance to shoot one. And guns don't stop violence, in fact, they provoke it. If people have a weapon, they have an urge to use it, it's basic psychology. Need figures? An average of 96 Americans are killed every day with guns, and 13,286 people were shot in 2015, excluding suicides. Having guns legal makes murders and mass murders much easier to perform. In the US, right now all it takes to carry out a mass shooting is to go to a gun shop, fill out a few applications, get a gun, go to a street or any other public place with no security, and start shooting. The more you think about it, the more horrifying it is.

  • Children are dying

    This shouldn't even be a question. Given US's history of gun violence, gun control laws must be passed. As many of you may know, recently there was a school shooting in Parkland, Florida. 17 people were killed and 17 more were injured. It is the lack of gun control laws that was responsible for this. If children are dying due to gun violence, why is no change happening? Weapons themselves are unnecessary. Many people may argue that if guns are banned, people will lose their jobs. If I may ask, what is more important? Jobs or saving lives? Children are dying, and families are devastated. It is absolutely horrifying, that lockdown drills must be conducted because of the current situation. Last week we had some French exchange students at my school, and there was a lockdown drill. None of them had any idea what was happening, because this isn't an issue for them. It is absolutely horrifying to think that people are getting killed due to gun violence and this is the current environment in the US. Gun control laws are extremely necessary and I am honestly shocked that we aren't trying to fix this.
    Thanks for reading.

  • This is a Terrible idea

    Gun control never works. All it does is let, 1 the government hove more power over people. 2 gives criminals other ways to kill and hurt people.
    3 even if gun control was in effect criminals would still get guns.

    To go in to more detail; banning guns or making them harder to get will not help with violence. According to PBS There are an estimated 112 million illegal firearms in america. None of these are counted in a background check. Most of these guns are in gang possession. If these guns are not going through the legal process, then a background check does nothing to prevent another mass shooting from happening. Fox news conducted a study in washington, delaware, and colorado. According to Fox news “Strict gun laws passed in two states to require background checks for every firearm sale had virtually no effect, a new study has found. “Delaware was the only state that saw apparent results, with an increase ranging from 22 to 34 percent based on the type of firearm. But according to the study, "no overall changes were observed in Washington and Colorado." As you can see from these examples background checks do not stop crime or people's will to have firearms.

    You can check all this out for your self.

  • We have too many.

    There is a reason why our forefathers put in the 2nd amendment. If this nation is even under attack, we may need armed citizens to help hold them off until the military can get there. Tho an enemy may bomb military bases, they would likely make a landing on areas away from them so they can gain a foothold. As we have seen from past wars, it's very difficult to remove an enemy after they have dug in or are using civilians as shields. If citizens can prevent them from taking root, it will be easier for the military to take them out.
    The sad thing is, gun laws have been focused on weapons like assault rifles that would be of more use when faced with other military weapons. Do they expect people to hold off machine gun fire with bolt action hunting rifles and hand guns? What is more silly is that they have actually lightened gun laws around hand guns. That it is getting more common for people to be able to carry them concealed legally. Even if you include the random nut with a hoard of assault rifles, the most common firearm used in crimes is by far handguns.

  • I'm not partial to either side of this argument, however...

    However, in my personal opinion, it would be difficult to justify restricting weapons which are already distributed to such a broad margin of individuals. I believe this would put needless strain on the regulatory system whilst giving criminals more motivation to obtain such weapons illegally.

    The idea that gun control laws and regulations have influence on crime rate is a myth perpetuated by biased media and wholly based in ideological myth outside of reality.

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