• The USA should keep the death penalty

    Yes I think that we should have to let the USA keep the death penalty ok because killers and of course rapists does deserve to die ok and they should have to let the USA keep the dearth penalty ok ok so yeah we should have to tell the USA that they should keep the death penalty

  • If someone committed a heinous crime and shows absolutely no regret for their actions, They should be executed.

    I understand and agree with the arguments for rehabilitation - if, Say, A robber can be integrated back into society after serving their prison sentence, Then let it be so. However, If there is certain evidence that a person committed a terrible crime (such as mass murder), Said person shows absolutely no regret for their actions, And cannot be integrated back into society by any means, Then they should be executed. After all, If the criminal pays no heed to the rights of a people, Then why should they waste their resources keeping him or her alive behind bars? A swift and humane execution of the person in question is the best option for society.

  • Keep it! It's necessary.

    Killers deserve death just like they imposed on their victims plus it would keep states equal and most likely reduce the overcrowding in prisons. The death penalty is more humane now with lethal injection and it ensures that these people will never harm another person or society. Death Penalty needs to stay.

  • The Death penalty is legal murder.

    Even if the person is guilty of a heinous crime, Often they will wish for the death penalty to escape prison, The life sentence is far worse.
    For those who say that the death penalty is necessary to keep people safe from this murderer, This is not true; prisons are so secure today that it would not be possible for these people to be dangerous, Often they are only allowed one hour outside their cell per day with a guard 'escort'. The need for the death penalty has been eliminated.

  • Death penalty is not the answer.

    The state should never kill someone even if the person has done something horrendous. I mean the state should be a role model right? What kind of role model are they right now? Killing murderers does not bring people justice. Also, There is always a chance that the person was actually innocent and you, As a state, Could never even take the risk to commit such an immoral act. What are your people going to think? "Well the state killed someone legally, So why am i not allowed to do the same? I thought everyone was equal? " There are many countries that do not have the death penalty and the crime/murder rates are respectively lower than in U. S. Therefore, The statement that death penalty lowers the rate of committed murders is insufficient. Killing a person that killed another one, Is immoral and should be abolished.

  • No. State sponsored murder is bad.

    The state has no obligation to kill people simply because of what they did wrong. A prison's job is to rehabilitate. If the person is unable to be rehabilitated after a decade, Then kill them, I don't care. But if the criminal is insane or mentally trouble, Then killing them is unjust, As that would only accomplish revenge.

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