• I say yes.

    Because Syria And Iran are two separate countries and they have a right to independence. America is just trying to spread its terror all around the world and invading weak countries. If i was the President of Syria I would have thrown the damn Americans out of the country. I surely would have.

  • Why attack Syria only when they use chemical weapons?

    The USA should not be policing the world "when we feel like it." Why attack only when they are using chemical weapons? Why no other times (at least openly) use military force in Syria? It is absolutely mind boggling.

    I could only guess the true people in power (not the President) are forcing USA into another war. I have no idea but I don't like it.

  • Just Human Beings

    I believe that hating on another country is completely stupid, so we all must leave Syria and Iran alone. Syrians and Iranians, if you put their race, beliefs, and everything else aside, they are humans with beating hearts just like everyone else living on Earth. They are not aliens from another planet or anything. Hating them means hating another human being. They aren't better than any other country, and no other country is better than them. Every country is different in their own way, and so are they.
    Leave Syria and Iran alone, and stop hating them just because of what others have done. The last time I checked, no one Earth was born to be perfect. If a war happened in the future, red colored blood will be spilled, and many lives will be sacrificed for stupid reasons just like how they are now.
    We are humans, and we shouldn't be hating each other. Animals don't hate each other, and we're supposed to be better than them.
    Leave Syria and Iran alone. They are not perfect and so it the U.S.

  • One Unifying Morality

    The US has the most reasoned out moral values. The values of reason, freedom, individual rights, justice, fairness, and overall optimism towards human solidarity are espoused by the Constitution if not yet fully realized. The best case scenario would be to wait for a country to first reason out a clear set of moral values that all humans should obey because it is the result of rational debate and sober discussion. The values could be further debated, but the fact it is debate in a rational manner automatically makes it the best and only set of moral values that can exist. Moral subjectivism is philosophical nonsense. If we cant have the best case scenario, I'd rather allow for a more fluid but controlled position on the use of force by the morally superior country, than wait and allow for countless innocents to die and suffer at the hands of a few evil tyrants.

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