• DOUBLE STANDARDS, should be lowered

    So it is while 18 you can: die for your country(by joining the army), get capital punishment. I love how usa likes to punish 18 yr Olds like adults, and hey, apparently 18 yr Olds have the mental capacity to possibly die for their country, apparently we allow 18 yr olds to buy cigarettes, and own guns, but 18 yr Olds cannot have the mental capacity to drink?
    Complete and utter double standards here.

  • No, the drinking age should not be lowered.

    Twenty one year old adults prove every day that they are not intellectually capable of safely consuming alcohol due to their lack of maturity. They drive drunk all the time and act up and get arrested. Lowering the drinking age would impose an even greater risk on the rest of society.

  • More Car Accidents

    If the legal drinking age is lowered to 18 then it would allow 18 year old people to drink and we all know that kids already drive drunk, this is like giving them a free pass. This would cause so many more wrecks. This provides many dangers to adults and even to less experienced drivers who just got their license and kids who still have their permit.

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