• Capital punishment is just institutionalized revenge.

    Capital punishment fails on all of its intended effects-
    (1) It costs three times more than life imprisonment.
    (2) It does not deter crime in any way.
    (3) It does nothing to help the victims or their families.
    Capital punishment has been abolished by most developed nations in the world for a reason- it's barbaric.

  • Yeah. Dead convicts don't rehabilitate.

    This is one of those issues that get people all riled up, so it can be hard to adequately debate. It has more to do with the American justice system as a whole, however. The essential idea behind prison, or, for that matter, any kind of judicial punishment, should be to rehabilitate the prisoner. We have to step back and ask ourselves how in the heck from 1980-2006 prison population increased 20 times over.

    The answer is long and tedious, but I can explain how China does it. If you commit a crime in China you will most likely be sent to a hard labor camp where you will be re-educated whilst serving the state. Once you have been deemed rehabilitated, your sentence is either reduced significantly or you are released, depending on the crime. This system focuses on rehabilitation over retribution. In this way, a prisoner pays for himself and to the state while getting educated and eventually returned to the world.

    Of course, in a truly American sweep of blind, ignorant, revenge filled laws from the 1800s, American prisoners are almost always required to serve their sentence fully and can exit even if they are planning to commit crimes again and have no rehabilitation (Ever seen Cape Feare?). Not even mentioning the fact that American sentences are notorious for being way to long.

    These issues set the American system apart from the world, being that the US has the highest incarceration rate, at numero uno, while China, the worlds most populous country, sits at 124th place.

    What does it all mean? It means the very way that many Americans believe the Penal system should work/does work is flawed in it's deepest core. Death penalties completely shut off any chance of rehabilitation, and, saying, "Well we can't add any more prisoners to our system" simply isn't a good enough answer. I will admit the Chinese do murder a lot of prisoners, but it is the same for them.

  • There are Alternatives

    The problem I have with the death penalty is that there have been way too many times it has been wrong. I mean even once is enough. I have heard of cases where a couple year later the "guilty" man was found innocent due to new evidence but too late, he is dead. There really is no reason why these people can not be kept in a Maximum security prison.

  • Murder for murder

    The death penalty, especially when instituted for murder, displays extreme hypocrisy. It is essentially displaying the message that to show the American public murder is wrong, the government will go ahead and kill that person. Canada, Australia, Russia, and nearly the entire European Union are allies of the United States that have abolished this childish scheme of revenge disguised as criminal justice.

  • An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. --Mahatma Gandhi

    I strongly oppose the death penalty because it only proves that the government is just as bad as the criminals. Honestly, do you think killed a person for their crimes will do humanity any good. If anything, I think prisons should try to take a more humanitarian approach to criminals.

  • I'm not saying it be used everywhere, but it should be used.

    Lets take a look at arguments against the death penalty.

    1: It's not a deterrent, people will still commit crimes!
    Sure, other people will, but it will 100% stop one psycho from killing other people. That's deterrent enough for me.

    2: It might not be them!
    Okay, true. Here's my stance on the death penalty. If someone commits a horrid crime, like say killing a guy in a bus around dozens of people and a security camera (actually happened), then they should get the death penalty. There is no reason for this lunatic to live, and he might just snap again and decide to kill more people. If there is any doubt it was them who committed the crime, they shouldn't be put to death. (Even if they are guilty, I believe it has to be 100% evident.)

    3: It's god place to decide who lives and who dies!
    Ugh... Okay look. Even if ol' spaceman spiff is up there, then I doubt he puts human life over any other. If he created all life, then a praying mantis killing another praying mantis is on the same level as murder to him.

  • No it must be kept in use and should be used more often if greater precautions are taken.

    I mean that we use DNA or multiple witnesses in any case where we intend to execute the defendant. If that is done it should be mandatory for premeditated murder. If the evidence isn't strong enough the sentence should be mandatory natural life. We must return to cherishing the life of the innocent in our country. We must honor the author of life God who in His word said in: Genesis 16:12
    "Whoever sheds human blood, by humans shall their blood be shed; for in the image of God has God made mankind."

  • Let me see here......

    How many repeated offenders exist? How much does it cost to support an inmate? You dont think people will think twice before committing a crime? I personally think that pedophiles should be first on the list! And do you really think that repeated offenders can be reformed?

  • The ultimate crime deserves the ultimate punishment

    There is no reason for an absolutely sick murderer to be given the right to life when he maliciously took that same right from innocent people. I think it becomes disrespectful and immoral for our tax money to fund such person's life in prison until they die of natural causes. The sanctity of life is important, but if people choose to kill (for sick reasons), they only deserve the capital punishment. Furthermore, people are quick to say we cannot play God but Genesis 9:6-7 says:

    "Whoever sheds man's blood,
    By man his blood shall be shed".

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