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  • The US Should Not Place Global Concerns over US Concerns

    The focus of the US should first and foremost be the welfare and safety of its citizens. If the US does not consider its concerns first, surely no one else will consider US concerns as a priority. Home concerns should always be prioritized above foreign concerns; home must be taken care of first.

  • No They Shouldn't

    I do not believe the United States should place global concerns over the domestic concerns of our country. The United States government was put in place to take care of the concerns of the people within its borders. We have been spending too much time and money trying to run wars and help other countries that we've forgotten about the importance of our domestic problems.

  • Lets get US right first

    America needs to get itself right before we can go and work on the rest of the world. We are constantly trying to fix everyone else when we are still having problems ourselves and cannot get it right. For one thing we need to work on our resource and job problems. We cannot tell the world what to do when we are having problems ourselves.

  • No, it's a complicated world.

    No, I do not think the US should be placing global concerns over US concerns. Even though global concerns are very pressing right now, and demand a great deal of attention and tactful management, I think domestic issues are just as pressing and important. I believe our government is in a difficult position where it needs to provide equal energy and effort into both global and domestic concerns.

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