Should the US proceed with a pre-emptive strike against North Korea to prevent nuclear war?

  • No more fluffy bunnies please.

    Nothing happening is new here - and nothing has worked to abate the escalation. It's about time to remind N Korea that we are at armistice - and that they are courting disaster. The US did not sign the Geneva conventions on warfare. Frankly I personally believe that they are no only used to support killing off military targets while leaving the rich with their riches. Time to get back to basics of annihilating your enemy. If peace an only be achieved over the corpses of your enemies - so be it. We have tried to be reasonable, rational, tolerant - it's not worked.

  • Time is running out.

    Soon North Korea will be able to nuke cities in the continental US. We need to use our air power in conjunction with South Korean ground forces to forcibly overthrow the totalitarian North and reunite Korea as part of the democratic South. This action will remove the threat which the Norks currently pose for South Korea, Japan, and the USA. A united democratic Korea would also counterbalance an expansionist China.

  • North Korea needs to be disciplined

    I think North Korea has pushed the boundaries, and they'll continue to see how far they can go if we let them. I think that the U.S. should proceed with a pre-emptive strike, in order to let them know that we are not messing around, and that we are ready to win if it comes to a nuclear war.

  • Pre-emptive strike agains North Korea will prevent nuclear war

    I believe that the US should proceed with a pre-emptive strike against North Korea to prevent nuclear war. North Korea poses an extremely dangerous threat to not only our country, but the world. It is very important that we do all that we can to keep our country safe. As well as to prevent a possible third world war.

  • US Pre-Emptive Strike Against North Korea: NOT OK

    Considering the state of its nation, The United States government must focus its energy on fixing the issues at home before exerting its energy elsewhere. Historically, North Korea has had a reputation for being strict, unmoving and sometimes harsh whether it is towards other countries or its own people. This is not a country that America, which is weakening by the year, should be getting involved with right now. Currently, there is nothing confirming the imminent threat of a nuclear war with North Korea, so America needs to stay home and tend to the wounds it already has.

  • No preemptive strikes

    The North Korean leader is a spoiled man child, who if provoked is probably willing to destroy himself and everyone around him. I truly believe that he is a problem that will fix itself. He has indiscriminately killed generals and anyone who irked him, even if they were family. There are talks that a coup is forming against him. It is only a matter of time before he is removed from power, one way or another.

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