Should the US provide aid to the Moslem victims in Central Africa?

  • Yes, The US should provide aid.

    We are suppose to love and help each other. This applies to a country helping others in another country. No matter if there may be enemies in the same part of the world or if people are opposed for whatever reason they are human beings that are suffering and we need to help them.

  • It is a humanitarian issue.

    Yes, the US should provide aid to the Muslim victims in Central Africa, because it is a humanitarian issue, and the United States needs to look beyond its politics and help people who need help. This is also a good opportunity for the United States to show these victims that the United States are their friends.

  • We should stay out of other people's wars.

    The US should not get involved in Central Africa. If we send humanitarian aid without soldiers to protect it and make sure it reaches the people, then whoever has the guns will take it (and only they will benefit). If we do send soldiers to help make a humanitarian aid program effective, it will be called "American imperialism." Also, it's no secret that Muslims hate us. I can't think of one example of a time when we intervened in the Muslim world without negative consequences (soldiers killed, long-term political instability, money wasted, etc.). The US should allow the war to run its course. We need to stop being the self-appointed world policeman.

  • United States Has Bigger Concerns

    The United States has bigger concerns to deal with such as the economy and providing aid to its own citizens regarding food and shelter. Before the United States focuses on foreign aid, we need to take care of our own backyard first with better domestic programs instead of providing billions in aid to groups that may never see it. Africa needs to take care of itself first.

  • Not our fight

    The United States has a long history of jumping into fights and saving people, when the fight does not involve us. The natural human instinct is going to make people fight, and some groups are going to attack others, we should just let them handle their problems, and let the best man win.

  • US Non-Profits Should

    I do not believe the federal US government should feel obligated to aid the Muslim victims in Central Africa. Overall, in global perspective, these attacks are quite small and could distract from more pressing issues. The US funds many non-profits that provide aid to such locations and that is how the US should provide said aid, if one of these organizations decides to do so.

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