Should the US provide Military Support to Vietnam against Chinese Aggression?

Asked by: CyberTechie
  • China's abusing their power acting like a school bully!

    I think we should help Vietnam because it seems like they have come a long way in becoming a better country in gaining peace and stability after so much war. And China is just ruining their efforts by provoking them. That's not cool. And just like with any school bully, we should stand up for the little guy and knock China's clock off!

  • Yes I Do

    I do not always support military interventionism on the part of the US, but here I can make an exception. I feel I can do so because this military intervention involves helping a country keep its sovereignty. The age of imperialism should be dead, and America should take a stand against it whenever possible.

  • Since that China is extremely greedy to other countries, yes military support should be provided. Proof!!!! Taiwan is not part of China!! China is greedy!!!

    Never believe what those people who support communist China are saying but watch closing at what they've done. Violating territories and territorial seas which do not belong to China. Military support must be immediately provided against China. Proof that Taiwan is not a part of China. Taiwan is a country. China also took Spratly islands and Paracel islands from Vietnam already. Those islands do not belong to China! They belong to Vietnam!!!

  • Both nations not fond of china too much

    USA and Vietnam have gotten past the past. Vietnam war over... China is growing in military power so who is to say they wont try what Russia tried in the cold war? USA and Vietnam have put the past behind them and are rapidly becoming friends and I think these 2 nations armed forces with their training, combat expireance and putting their forces and strategies together could seriously hold china back. Both the 2 nations want their futures to be composed of these 2 working together. USA has most trained and most advanced armed forces in the world, Vietnam has most powerful army in southeast asia and their army is huge. Didja know Vietnam has a little over 6,000,000 reserve fighters? These 2 nations both wish to create a partnership that will ensure together they can counter the threat china could pose to 'em both.

  • In spite of prevailing opinion,

    China is our ally. Would you want to provide military support if England was being aggressive to a 3rd world country? No, probably not, because we don't view England as the enemy. We, the public, do view China as an enemy though, even though we share a robust trade partnership and are on very peaceful terms diplomatically speaking; my guess is because they're a proclaimed communist state, and you know how America feels about communism.

    Also, we don't really know a lot about what's going on with this situation. What if Vietnam provoked China? The little guy isn't always right just because he's the little guy.

  • America is not a god,

    America loves to sacrifice and put lives on the line out of a self righteous desire to act like a parent to the world. We bluntly ignore our mistakes and act as though it's out duty to get into matters that do not concern us. War causes mass death, and we currently lack the resources for any beneficial deplomacy in regards to China's wants. We cannot act like universal babysitters when we can hardly get to our feet. Frankly It's not a cause I would did for. And therefore not a cause I have any right to enforce. But even so, America needs to calm down. We are naive to assume we can bolt to the rescue without consequence, and even less thoughtful once we realize 5 years later that we did nothing in the end.

  • No, less good will come

    The bad guy here isn't China, it isn't Vietnam either, people should get that out of their head. Many people are not aware that America is mainly using its military for self-interest. How did the previous wars go for America anyways? Drone mass killings, devastation of countries, installing rubbish democracies over more stable dictatorships.

    I personally think that America should go mind its own business like its economy. America needs to start making decisions rationally and not act like it owns the world.

    Furthermore, less good will come if US supports Vietnam. This would piss the hell out of China and since America depends on China for, erm everything, economies all around the world will be in trouble as the intricately interconnected global trade would be affected.

    In the context of the situation, perspectives from both sides should be taken into account of. China has a history of owning the South China Sea, it has maps of islands and convincing claims. However due to UN sea laws countries should own the waters around them giving Vietnam, Phillipines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore reasons to fight for pieces of the sea.

    Say you are a Chinese, you have learnt much history of trade, grand naval expeditions and explorations by your ancestors in the South China Sea. Naturally, you would think that you have the right to call it yours since before the modern age it was mainly China using the seas.

    However fast forward to the modern age, as a Vietnamese, looking at the amount of territory claimed by China, you would, naturally, be unhappy too. This dispute has been ongoing for a long time and I support it being settled asap so countries have more time to accept the borders and not build up resentment.

    In a nutshell, it has nothing to do with America, even less than Ukraine. America needs to let loose its position of top dog. Immature views with no context like "America needs to defend Vietnam! They are being bullied!" are ignorant of current and past geopolitics and history and needs to be discarded. This isn't primary and secondary school, or whatever its equivalent is called in America. The problem is very complex and nobodys the good guy in this story.

  • Learn to mind your own business, America.

    We're well aware how America always interferes for its own benefit. But America is NOT some kind of law-enforcing country that provides justice for the world. No country can take on such a role as every country will always seek benefit to itself.
    America clearly seeks its own benefits again, and always finds excuses to why they should interfere. It is not America's territory to help out there unless Vietnam deliberately asks America's help. Then, to a small degree, America should provide material support.

  • Vietnam can handle it's own problems.

    The US has already wasted countless dollars on saving other country's asses, they can deal with their own problems now and the United States can deal with it's piling debt first. The US should go back to a policy of isolationism and let the world deal with it's own problems.

  • Vietnam war anyone?

    Aren't we still enemies with them commies? I think we got a pretty good deal with the commies in China. Not to mention they have a big army. We wouldn't want to start WW3 would we? I say ramp up military support to Nationalist China, aka Taiwan/Republic of China. Yup

  • No that would ruin already fragile relations with China!!

    While I would support Vietnam's right to defend itself in case of Chinese aggression the last thing we should do is provide military assistance to the Vietnamese government. We are China's main trading partner and do not need to ruin that already strained relationship by providing weapons to another country.

  • We need to mind on our own business.

    It's not our best interest to spend more tax money for the other war. Our economy is just recovering and our country needs a break from the war period! After all what's the point of supporting our old enemy? They only need our help when they are in trouble, then forget all about it afterwards.

  • No,it should be solved by themselves..Little guy may not be the right guy, as same as proximity is not equal to ownership.

    According to my knowledge, even Vietnamese history is written in chinese...Why, vietnam was part of china for long, and ..It is just like a son of a big family want to have his own home... But it is not nessasary that the parents would give him the fishpond which owned by the family as a whole , and there are other brothers and sisters are still in the family...

    So a son left long ago to claim his parents' asset, and the parents had been sweet talk long to change his mind...But not very succesfull because of the greediness of the son.....Very sad... We can see lots such story in the real life...Very sad...

    The worse of all , the son is trying to fan up those who does not know much to shad blood for him...How despicable!!

    Posted by: zfwm

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2014-05-16T11:45:39.653
The question is biased since it implies that China is acting aggressively towards Vietnam for protecting its own soils.
Diqiucun_Cunmin says2014-05-16T11:46:07.640
Well, *protecting and exploiting its own seas.
Mrlowe says2014-05-17T14:44:19.013
Yeah, it seems both countries claimed the island and waters in the dispute at around the same time. No one's really in the right in this situation.
CyberTechie says2014-05-22T04:56:53.653
We should raised the taxes and lower the interest on Chinese investments in the US, and reduce the import cap by 30%. That should do it!