Should the US put trade sanctions on Israel for killing civilians?

Asked by: ModernMichael
  • Israel is immoral.

    Israel is a the real terrorist. They claim Hamas uses human shields? What about those 4 Palestinian boys playing soccer on the beach? They were blown up for no reason. Israelis are raised with the sick ideology that all Arabs are animals that must all be exterminated. They are doing worse things to Palestine than the Nazis did to them. It's funny how the oppressed turns into a savage oppressor.

  • Without a doubt

    It is hypocritical to condemn Russia for their violence in Eastern Ukraine then stand next to Israel for their violent conquest and occupation of Gaza, their prevention for over 4 decades of the creation of a dual state, and their systematic murder of Palestinian children during the latest violence.

    Israel makes Russia seem reasonable.

  • Stop Military Aid First

    Every day the US government gives $8.5 million in military aid to Israel, that's more than $3 billion per year. The total aid to Israel since the conflict began is $3 trillion. Most of the money used to kill Palestinians, who are all terrorists according to US politicians, mainstream US media, and every Christian American who has faith in them.

    The war on Gaza is the US giving Israel a sub-machine gun to shoot fish in a little barrel.

  • Excuse me ???

    Here's a news flash for you. Israel is NOT the aggressor. If my memory serves me correctly, Israel was attacked. They kicked some rag-head A$$ and pushed them back through the Gaza strip. Over the years, Israel has offered to move the border back to it's pre-war location, if it's enemies would agree to stop killing them. They refused. That offer is still on the table. And let's not forget the fact that every time there is a cease fire agreement, Israels enemies are the ones who broke it. Israels enemies want nothing less than the complete annihilation of the Jewish state.

  • Israel is Justified.

    Here's a newsflash for you they're not civilians. They are actually Palestinian militants. They are called civilians, because it the Palestinians aren't a recognized nation which in the end spreads hatered about the Israelis. Secondly the Arab nations are trying their best to destroy Israel. Iran even has it written into their own constitution. If we abandon Israel the Middle East will collapse into chaos.

  • Absolutely not, support them.

    I've been hearing a lot of condemnation against Israel for killing civilians recently. Yet, there is almost no outcry against Hamas and other terrorists groups (at least in the mainstream media) for using humans as shields and Humanitarian propaganda, as well as using child labor to build the tunneling network. I say no, we should not sanction Israel. They are a strong US ally, surrounded by enemies. Yes, there have been casualties (on both sides) and it is horrible. However, sanctioning Israel will benefit Islamic Terrorism.

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