• The US should require national service.

    The term "national service" is intentionally vague. This may not necessarily mean that someone must serve in the military. There can be other programs that pay similarly with similar advancement opportunities. A US citizen should provide some form of service to the government. This will give them an appreciation for hard work and discipline. There may even be some patriotism that comes out of doing your duty. Those who served during WWI and WWII in either the civilian sector building guns and tanks, or in the military sector shooting them will both tell you that they felt like a part of a bigger picture.

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  • The US should not require national service.

    The US should not require national service. It should be up to the individual if they want to serve their country or not. We should not force people to do it if they do not want to. I think that it would be wrong to require national service for anyone.

  • National Service of What?

    I do not believe the US should require national service because the question is not succinct enough to even get a complete thought across. Should they provide national service a specific product or service available to the public? Should they require people to serve in the military? It's impossible to tell what is being referred to.

  • The US is a large country with adequate volunteers to serve in the milatry that requiring such service is not necessary.

    Perhaps smaller countries need to require service in order to have a large enough military to provide safety for their country, but the US is a population of approximately 300,000,000 people. The U.S. military has plenty of willing volunteers to staff the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines, as well as a large number of national guard members. I would rather have willing participants fighting for American freedoms then unwilling recruits. I feel military personnel would feel the same way. If someone is guarding your back, I imagine you don't want it to be the person who didn't want to be there in the first place and has resentments for having to serve.

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