Should the US school system be overhauled entirely for a better, More individualized system?

  • It really should

    Kids can learn all by themselves. They learn to walk, Run, Jump, Climb, Talk, And even swim in some cases. They don't need a teacher. I would do the school system in the exact opposite way it's being done now. Government officials and politicians have absolutely no experience in how a classroom should function, And yet they are the ones in charge

  • Good idea in paper bad in practice.

    While I myself would have benefited from going at my own pace and could have gone to college earlier, My peers would be left farther behind.

    Some parents are responsible and or have smart ambitious children that could end up in college at the age of 6 or 12. Great, But what about everyone else. Some children are lazy or have parents that do not have their best interests. A lot of Students can barely hold themselves accountable and now you want them to be in charge?

    Look at charter schools the forerunner of individualized education some of them are so corrupt that they lie about their performance, And ruin an entire generation of K-12.

    It doesn't matter if a few children could go to college early if all the other children will be left behind.
    The United States is getting dumber collectively while other nations are cranking super geniuses by the masses. One person may be smart but they will be overpowered by an entire nation of intellectuals.
    As much as people care about themselves if they do not get the education system together for everyone we will be owned by the smartest nation which sadly is not us

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