Should the US Senate pass a bill providing for free and universal health care in the interest of bringing reasonable health benefits to all Americans regardless of financial status?

Should the US Senate pass a bill providing for free and universal health care in the interest of bringing reasonable health benefits to all Americans regardless of financial status?
  • Look at the UK, Australia, and Sweden

    It should be free to the extent of how the UK does it. I don't mind paying a little more out of my taxes to know that my family and friends who cant afford to get preventative check-ups can now get them for free. Socialized healthcare can be a good thing, and if the word socialized scares you into thinking communism.......Just remember that our schools are socialized along with the police and fire fighters.

  • Yes It Should!

    It should be aloud because not only may it save lives, but it may even change a family and how they are living. God did not created us people to live on this world and suffer throughout our lives. He created us to live our fullest with happiness and joy. Also, Universal Health Care can also effect the elderly's life style. Since they are old and some may not be able to work, Universal Health Care helps them when it comes too medical bills. The medicals are usually very expensive and this should help at least 50% of it if not.

  • Completely free health care and necessary medications to be provided to all.

    The United States is by far the richest nation on the planet. Countries like Canada, France and Great Britain are able to provide every person Universal health care. They can do it, and the USA won't.

    Universal health care is being blocked by individuals who are trying to keep the medical industrial complex in its current status; it brings the participants billions of dollars a year.

  • Think about the others.

    Think about the lower class, how does the government expect for them to pay for their health themselves, think about the middle class, they would sure enjoy health care! Think about the upper class, sure they can afford it themselves, but some people prefer to save up money, think about the others,

  • The US should provide a bill with free universal health care for working Americans

    I was in the hospital recently and I'm only 13 years old. I had health care but I was not allowed to be treated for hours because of the health care. I had already been there for a while because of the wait, then some rich person comes in and gets in quickly. They had an emergency that was not as big as mine and they got in twice as fast, so I think we should eliminate personal health care systems and every working American should get free insurance, not just the rich.

  • The US should provide universal health care

    If you go to a hospital in this day and age, and you get a cast for a broken arm or something, it will cost A LOT. You will be paying for it for a long time. All you need to do is pay a little more tax, and that will be over, get it fixed for free. That is the right thing.

  • For the people.

    Services that are "universal" (i.e., police, fire protection, education) are the business of government/society. Our current system is obscene. For-profit companies determining care and coverage, not a medical doctor... Even people WITH so-called coverage are often vulnerable and at risk of not receiving the care they need.

  • The US is well overdue in providing health care to all of its citizens, and needs to do so to stay competitive in the global arena.

    The US workforce is currently so burdened with skyrocketing healthcare costs that they are falling behind the rest of the developed world. When a single illness or injury can take an entire family of four and plunge them deep into poverty, something must be done. To remain competitive on a global scale, the US must enact universal health care.

    Posted by: C0n5tGet
  • Yes, there should be a bill providing universal health care.

    There are so many Americans who do not have health coverage. Adults as well as children go without everyday. While the poor can qualify for Medicaid and Medicare, what about the working class who barely make their bills? The ones who can barely afford to put food on the table let alone pay for a doctors visit.

    Posted by: HealthyMose59
  • I support universal health care as I think the benefits of providing all Americans with health insurance outweighs any risks.

    Many Americans are not able to get the health care they need because they do not have insurance and it is too expensive. Universal health care would allow even the poorest Americans access to physicians and medical care. This could lead to a reduction in illnesses and an increase in the health of the citizens of America, both of which are major benefits.

    Posted by: TMacias
  • Nothing is free.

    Promising free health insurance is a death sentence for the best health care. For your information Google "socialized medicine," or check out Obama care, if not repealed will be a European socialized escapade, with long waiting lines, Physician and especially specialists shortages and cut back on innovation all in the name of cost control. If you have any doubt, simply Google the drawbacks of Canadian healthcare.

  • The US Senate should not pass a bill for free universal health care because this is not the job of the government.

    It is not the governments job to provide everyone with a free universal health care. It is especially unnecessary for those who are too lazy and unwilling to work. The rest of the hard working country should not have to foot the bill for these individuals. I do feel that there could be some things that could make health care more affordable, but this would require putting various regulations in place and not a universal health care.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • I oppose a universal health care bill because I don't think the U.S. can afford it and it will increase the national debt way too much.

    I oppose a universal health care bill in the U.S. It's not that I am against health care, but such a law would simply increase our national debt and our budget deficit way too much. I do think health care coverage should be increased for the poorest citizens and those who cannot buy their own health insurance due to serious preexisting health conditions, but I just don't think it is sustainable or even necessary to give EVERY citizen free and universal health care coverage.

    Posted by: TickoAdde
  • Government health care will be a massive failure; there would be no competition any more and services would become mediocre.

    Everything else the government has taken over an universalized have been massive failures. Look at the current state of our public school system; it's massively underfunded, filled with unionized, incompetent teachers, and our public schools churn out a multitude of uneducated, ill-prepared students. Universal health care would end up the same way, only the stakes would be even higher - our health and medical care.

    Posted by: daslerfx
  • I don't believe that universal health care will provide better care because government control of the budget will result in cost control measures that effect the quality of care

    Universal health care will not be able to provide better health care because it is really a super managed health care system. HMO's struggle with controlling health care costs and still providing quality care and this will be even tougher in universal health care because the number of non paying people in the program will be so high. When you add government beaurocracy and political election based decision making into the process the management of the universal health care system will be a disaster. We already have an example of universal health care in the VA system and there are just an incredible amount of problems in that system and that will be multiplied a hundred or a thousand times in a universal health care system.

    Posted by: TasticBran
  • Universal health care would not be superior care, since "free" is rarely the "best".

    While universal health care has its benefits, one would be hard-pressed to provide evidence that it would provide care that is superior to that given in a private insurance system. Public health care, by definition, requires care to be rationed. Rationing ensures that each one receives the care that they absolutely need, but makes it impossible to provide the very best care in non-essential medical situations.

    Posted by: ZxcutieGeorg
  • Who is going to pay for the " free health care"

    There is no " free health care ". Someone has to pay the doctors and nurses. The US healthcare system needs to be changed to bring down the costs of healthcare and make more people have access to it, but not by having a government run " free health care system". There are not enough doctors now. Having a free health care system would increase the number of patients going in and overwhelm the number of doctors available. The examples of government run health care show all the problems that came with it in lower quality care to the population and taking a larger percentage of the budget than promised.

    Posted by: ddeathnote

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