Should the US should of got involved in Vietnam?

Asked by: ModernMichael
  • It was a just war

    America's intervention in VietNam could be compared to America's intervention in Korea. Though many people criticize both South VietNam and South Korea as being puppet states of the US, they certainly weren't and only had the US as an extra hand for help. South VietNam during its prime was one of the best countries in Asia. What stopped its growth is the Communist rule that eventually made the economy plummet into a massive depression.

  • There was no reason for the united sates to enter the war.

    I believe that the United States of America should no have entered the war because, there was no actual reason for them to enter the war. So what if other counties become communist? I think if it is not our country becoming communist why is it a problem. Also they did kill thousands of civilians from them entering the war. The war was originally against north and south Vietnam neither of them had a problem with the united states of America.

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Kc1999 says2014-05-05T11:51:19.223
My opinion is divided. Firstly, I respect the sovereignty of the Vietnamese people, and I fully recognize that their struggle was a struggle against the forces of Western Imperialism. However, the Vietnamese state did get imperialists themselves in their intervention in Cambodia (NOT THAT I SUPPORT POL POT), and after all, they were commies and I don't like commies.