Should the US shut its borders now that the first US patient has passed away from Ebola?

  • Keep Ebola Out

    I believe that in order to keep Ebola from spreading uncontrollably throughout the US, we need to shut down our borders. The disease made its way in from another country therefore we can keep it out and keep it from spreading by closing the borders and not allowing people who may be unaware they are infected come to our country.

  • Ebola spreads due to a lack of hygiene.

    Mexico does not exactly have good hygiene.

    With thousands of immigrants crossing the border every week, disease and poverty already spread into the United States. But, here's an even bigger issue. Those sick immigrants? They go to our hospitals, eat from the same restaurants, and are incorporated into the nanny-state healthcare system that we've been foolish enough to allow leeway.

    Guess what happens when Ebola strikes Mexico? They won't be going to their doctors, who offer no cure nor hope for curing Ebola... Instead, they will be crossing the border into the U.S. at an early stage of infection, legally or illegally, in an attempt to gain access to our doctors who have the means to treat the disease.

    With such poor health and hygienic maintenance, Ebola could spread through Mexico like a wildfire. That means, if it manages to get into the U.S., these people could easily spread it to other Mexican communities, and from there, spread it to healthcare workers and other American citizens.

    I don't believe the infection has much potential here in the U.S. given that people, when scared, will finally wash their hands after taking a dump, but the mere fact that this disease lasts as long as it does in a stagnant community is indeed a viable threat. If Ebola breaks out, there would be severe repercussions to personal liberty and the security of our food and livestock.

    Who picks the cabbage, after all? Just look at E-Coli, MRSA, and other infectious diseases. Those haven't gone away, have they?

    The border can't be trusted with the security of our nation. It needs to be closed, secured, and shut. It isn't "overreacting," it's compensating for the complete idiocy and lack of responsibility that some individuals have. How long does Ebola last outside the body? Hint: Scientists don't know yet. What does that tell you?

    Better safe than sorry.

  • I do think the US should shut down borders since the first US patient has passed away from Ebola.

    With thousands of people dying of Ebola in West Africa, I do think the US has to be stricter about letting people in from that area of the world. Testing 90% of the people flying into the US is not good enough when the health of millions could be at risk. Since the medicine used on Eric Duncan did not work, we cannot be sure that we have an answer to curing an Ebola outbreak should one occur. More testing needs to be done in order to find a cure before we continue to let in people from affected areas of Africa.

  • That would be devastating

    Yes, one person had died of Ebola in the United States. That's just ONE person out of seven billion though. If countries started shutting their borders because of just one person dying from various diseases, nobody could travel. Even the flu has killed more people in the United States than Ebola has right now. If there was a huge outbreak that was killing thousands and thousands, then yes, the United States may have to close it's borders. It is ridiculous to shut down an entire nation just because of one man though. Besides, Ebola is not as scary as people are showing it to be. People were saying the same thing about the swine flu a few years back, but I've had it and I think I'm very much alive. Ebola only kills people when gone undetected, or in countries with extremely poor medical care like Africa.

  • It would be devastating for business and for families.

    The US should not shut off its borders. In order to do this, you would have to ban all international travel. This would be devastating to business. This would also mean preventing Americans who are abroad from returning home. I am not even sure that would be legally possible, and what would become of people who are just on holiday with little extra money.

  • No, the US should not completely shut its borders.

    Completely shutting down our borders would be an overreaction at this point, and a costly one at that. Stopping up the regular traffic in and out of US citizens going abroad and foreigners coming into the US would be to stifle innumerable sectors of global trade, business, and other economic and educational exchange, a move that could cripple the recovering US economy. Furthermore, at this point, it's simply not necessary. It would make more sense to restrict air traffic in from affected areas.

  • No, the US should not close it's borders.

    No, the US should not close it's borders even though the first Ebola patient has died. I'm sure that they are already taking all necessary precautions to insure that more infected people are not coming into the country. In fact, I think that the US population should be much more concerned with other diseases than with Ebola. Ebola is difficult to contract, but more and more we are seeing diseases that have been eradicated from the US in the past coming back into prevalence. Measles was eradicated over a decade ago, but in the last few years we have seen it come back due to negligence in child vaccinations.

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