Should the US stand with Ukraine or not get involved?

Asked by: OperatorX
  • Read the book

    First they came for the communists... The us should act as a third party to stop the violence... Set up a safe vote as to what happens in Ukraine for Ukraine. Talk it out... Grab the fighting teenagers by the heads clack them together and ask what they think needs to be done.

  • Russian expansion into Europe

    Putin is expanding Russian territory and taking advantage of the west, knowing that western politicians won't get involved in a war. If the rebels do get their independence, the rest of our European allies will think that we'll abandon them. Yes we do have our own problems at home but we can't just drop everything and leave our allies cause of issues happening back in the states. We need to work on both issues, because us leaving Ukraine will affect us in the future, and Europe will be in a more tense situation than it is now if there's a puppet state under the control of Putin. Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons if we would defend it if Russia tried to break its sovereignty, and we're not keeping to what we said.

  • We should take care of problems in our own country.

    Why should we support Ukraine? We have problems in our own country to deal with. Why should we go support Ukraine, waste money, and put ourselves into even more debt? Let's fix the problems we have at home like our huge homeless problem first. I feel too much money is being thrown at other countries and that we should deal with problems at first.

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