• We should demolish them.

    Islam refuses to acknowledge civil authority. I, for one, refuse to have people getting special treatment for their sucky fanfiction they treat as a holy text.
    Islam has the directive to kill all those who mock it. That alone damns the entire band of heathens in perpetuity.
    Islam tends to use refugees as an invasion force, as seen in France and Italy.
    Islam also has a passage telling its adherents not to ask too many questions lest their faith falter.
    Wait, no, the Democrats would love these guys.

  • This is Akin to Nazism

    I sincerely hope that the American people aren't so feeble-minded that they would succumb to this mainstream media-driven propaganda around hatred for Muslims. Granted, all religious institutions are contrary to real unbiased, scientific thought. All religions promote dogmatic ways of thinking and mysticism -- it's just becoming trendy to be racist against Muslims. I don't stand for this way of thinking one bit.

  • It's Not A Religions Fault

    America was founded upon freedom of religion. Sadly, this really isn't what it stands for anymore. Muslims are being branded as terrorists just because others in their religion are murderers. If a Christian killed many people would we close a church? No! Just like people we have good and bad which isn't determined by a religion but by their own beliefs and actions.

  • We still have freedom of religion

    Our Constituion declares all citizens of the United States freedom of religion, regardless of what that religion is. It's true that many Muslims are radicals and are a threat, but that doesn't mean that all of them are that way. They should still have a right to practice their religion peacefully.

  • Completely and utterly un-American

    Closing Mosques would be a clear violation of the First Amendment of the United States Constititution that clearly forbids the government from interfering with the establishment of religion. Any action taken by government at any level in the United States to close mosques would be a threat to the Bill of Rights.

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