• Yes we should

    I think that the USA should stay out of other nations conflicts and wars become we should not get involved in any other countries wars and we should stay out of wars conflicts and of course we the United States should stop helping countries too ok ok bye bye 👋

  • Yes, the U.S. should focus on our own issues.

    Who are we to tell the world what to do? We have rampant poverty, homeless children, no real healthcare or social safety net, and a drug problem that gets worse every day. Perhaps if we turned our attention to our own citizens and our own problems, we would then be able to help others outside our borders.

  • US Should Stay out of Other Nations' Politics

    The US should stay out of other nations' politics because, besides it not being our business, we are not culturally aware enough to be into their politics. If another country wants its politics or political climate to change, it should be up to that country to work on it. Outsiders, and that includes the US, can only make a mess of things, because outsiders don't have a good understanding of the people of that country or how it could be governed effectively.

  • In some cases yes, but not always.

    I don't think that this can have a cut and dry answer. There are obviously some times where the United States government should not get involved with the affairs of another country. There are also times where it would be unthinkable to not be involved, particularly in cases of gross human rights violations.

  • Not for all things

    The United States of America for certain world events may need to perform things. The United States of America will do this for the security interest of itself and as well as other nations as well. This is for the protection of people that live here and we may need to continue.

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