• Why Bother With The Metric System?

    The people have already spoken before. Who would want to learn it? Who would have the time to learn it? It would take many, many years to actually change. People resist change. Also, the customary system is much more reliable. What is a reliable measure for how tall you are? Not the meter. The foot.

  • Why fix something that isn't broken

    Why should we need to change our system of measurement if the one we're already using is just fine? I mean, it works, we all understand it. We've all already learned it. There's no point in changing our system of measurement. It helps show our independence from the British Empire.

  • Why fix a broken system?

    How would you like a world with only one language? It may be easy, but it misses something.

    How would you like a world where we had less clothing choices? Just a white shirt and blue jeans? It may be easier for the clothing factories, but it misses something.

    That something is CULTURE. By converting the US to metric, we are one step away from the World Government.

    One measurement system, one language, one world, one people, ein fuhrer. Hitler will have his wish.

  • Expensive, Time, and Confusion

    We should keep the customary system because it would cost too much. Just think about all the mile markers on the highways. They would have to be moved to every kilometer. What about all of the people in the US that would have to go back to school just to learn the metric system. Thats a lot of people. How long would it take? My answer... TOO LONG!!!!

  • Why Do We Resist?

    So many people say that the metric system is better. For one, to convert measurements, you move the decimal. In customary, you need a chart. America is being too stubborn for its own good. We need to make the change to the system that works for us. It will benefit us all.

  • Metric is better

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  • Customary is a stupid system based heavily on body measurements that differ between people.

    Customary is outdated and should not be used anymore. I ask anyone that supports customary to tell me from memory things like: How many feet are in a mile? How many yards? How many inches?
    With the metric system, answering questions like this is easy. Humans are naturally inclined to use a base 10 system, not a jumble of randomness that is customary.

  • Why the U.S. Should switch to the metric system

    If the U.S. Started using the metric system, it would greatly improve the world, viewed from a scientific and educational standpoint.
    I usually read scientific articles where the values are written in the U.S. Customary system, which makes it really hard to understand.

    I believe people, especially people from countries where English isn't even a second language, lack the will to understand the customary system.

    And it would just be easier for everyone if they just switched.

  • Reform of out of date practices will in the long run reduce the Expense, Time and Confusion.

    Many countries such as England and Australia have changed from the customary systems to metric. The have not found it to expensive, time consuming or confusing. So why run with a second rate system where converting feet to inches requires looking up a conversion table. MAKE THE CHANGE!!!!!! To a better system.

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