Should the US stop pursuing it's oil and army interests in the Middle East?

Asked by: MulanLabe
  • The Us does not need to focus their attention on oil

    Currently, I believe the United States is in a situation where they need to focus their attention on events other than oil. The gas prices are down, people are content with that and I believe the focus of the united State's attention should be on other current events that have happened, such as terrorist attacks, etc…

  • The US, more than anyone is responsible for the mess the Middle east is in.

    The US has been busy bullying any country that decides to stop selling their oil in US Dollars. This has created a situation in which nothing other than extremism can flourish. Any chance the region had of societal advancement has been ruined by the US and it's allies, each time a country took a step towards becoming a modern nation the US has overthrown their government.
    They claim it's to help the peoples of that region by overthrowing a dictator, however if this was true than the first government to fall would have to be the Saudi government, they have been terrorizing the entire region for decades in hopes of abolishing any secular government and implementing their own religious one.............The longer this goes on the worse it's going to end up when it finally crumbles....

  • Stop interest in foreign oil and goods!

    With the civil unrest in the Middle East and instability in the Middle East, The united States should cut its losses and stay out of there! They only cause more war and more civil unrest. It is about time we found new energy sources and stop relying on foreign suppliers! It is causing more terrorism all over the world!

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