Should the US support Christian (yes) or Moslem (no) forces in Central Africa?

  • Christian since they are majority

    The US should support Christian forces in Central Africa. This is because they are the majority and it was their area first. The Muslim forces are the uprising insurgents. I don't think we should be giving money or men to the cause but if have to support one would choose the Christian side.

  • We should support Christian Support

    We should support the Christians forces in Central Africa. The Muslim's are the ones that attacked our country so why would we give our enemy the support of terrorism. We are a nation that needs to fight together and not against ourselves. We are United to help other countries when they need the help.

  • Christians promote peace.

    The US should support Christian forces in Central Africa, because the region needs some peace and stability. Most Christians who come to the region bring medicines, build orphanages, and otherwise work to make the region a better place. Christian support in the region would help put an end to the ongoing chaos in Central Africa.

  • They should not support either side

    No, I do not believe that the United States should support the Christians or the Muslim forces in the Central Africa area. It is not for our country to decide which side is right and which side is wrong. Instead of picking sides, we should be promoting compromise so that they can hold on to their own beliefs and still be able to dwell in the same area with war or violence.

  • United States Shouldn't Get Involved

    The United States shouldn't get involved in Central African politics whatsoever, no matter if one side is Christian or Muslim. The United States military isn't the 9-1-1 service of the world. Sometimes, countries need to work out conflicts for themselves. Christian versus Muslim forces in Central Africa is one instance when the U.S. needs to keep its distance.

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Ragnar says2014-02-14T09:38:32.607
Wrong section. This is a two question poll, not a yes or no question.

In fact there's at least a third option of neither, and a forth of both.

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