Should The US Supreme Court legalize gay marriage in all 50 states? Or should that be up to the states?

Asked by: Kylar
  • Yes, gay marriage should be legalized.

    Society expects everyone to abide by the same laws and to pay taxes. There is no reason to prevent 2 people who love each from getting married. Religious beliefs do not matter here because not everyone has the same beliefs. If gay people are expected to follow the same laws and pay taxes they are entitled to the same rights. No state has the right to determine who will have civil rights and who will not. I thought this was addressed in the 1960's.

  • Um, equal rights, right?

    Equal rights has always been an issue in this world. This is like the 1900s all over again. Rights for women, rights for gays. Think about this: if all of a sudden, being married with a man and a women was illegal. You'd probably get mad, and you'd probably protest and you'd probably move somewhere else where you can get married. What I'm saying is, gays are people too. The Supreme Court should be able to say if they can get married. I personally think that how the states decide what laws to do is stupid. It's like the president can only say who the USA goes to war with. EQUAL RIGHTS!!

  • I no longer trust states rights.

    First off, gay marriage should be legal in every place that has gay people (and maybe places that don't have them too). There is no reason to discriminate against them.
    Next on the issue of states rights: This argument is just an excuse to make as many gay people miserable as possible. They know that some states will not legalize it therefor keeping some gay couples from marrying. Not only that but after what happened in the southern states and the Jim Crow laws I think that states should have minimal independence when it comes to social issues.

  • Marriage is not a political matter

    The arguments against same-sex marriage and the justifications for banning it have no merit whatsoever. People should focus on their own lives and not make a fuss about what other people are doing. If you oppose same-sex marriage, then never have one! It's that simple! It's time to abandon the conventional definition of marriage.

  • Why? It's all about the Fourteenth Amendment

    The fourteen amendment, has several direct and clear consequences:

    Firstly, it directly implies that the tenth amendment has some additional limits, specifically if a state law fails a certain test of the fourteenth amendment, then it is no longer Constitutional.
    Secondly, this test includes that laws cannot apply unequally to different citizens. Since we choose our life partners based on our sexual orientation, it is quite clear that by only allowing a subset of the population that meets a state's 'preferred' sexual orientation, feasible access to entering into marriage with their partner, discrimination and unequal treatment is taking place.
    Hence, it must be supported for everyone, or not at all.

  • They are equal. Gay marriage should be legal in all 50 states

    They are human. Why can't they get married. If they can't get married than I won't vote. Why does it mater if they are gay or not. If they love each other than they should be able to get married. I don't understand why so many people are against gay marriage. I think gay marriage should be legal in all 50 states.

  • Save Humanity's Integrity

    Why are we debating love, but still thriving off of war? Why are Americans so defensive of their Constitutional rights, but stand against those who claim their right just to marry whomever they please? A basic human right should not be up for debate, and the people of America should be ashamed that it is so controversial. When marriage is granted to all, institutionally and socially, we can claim to be built upon freedom and liberty. But until then, our supposed "ideals" will continue to be shams fed to the People to distract them from our own hypocrisy.

  • Humans deserve their rights

    I AM GAY (well half) I support it because, we make such a big deal about it now, in a few years after it is been awhile since the law would be made, gays will just blend in with society. Just because its against your religion isn't really a good reason. MARRIAGE RIGHTS FOR ALL! We need to be equal

  • No state rights in this issue

    An entire demographics fundemtal rights should not be up to each individual state. This needs to be a blanket decision it is too important. If your married you should be married. Not married in one state but not another, or duscriminated in one and not the other. There needs to be an amendment about discriminating based on sexual orientation.

  • Saying yes violates our constitution

    Back when our founding fathers created our country, they decided that the states had the rights to make choices on laws regarding moral issues. Therefore, a largely christian state like Wisconsin, Texas, or Montana has the right to ban gay marriage if they want. Marriage is not a right it is a privilege. Therefore those who are unfit for it, can't have it. (i.E. Abusers, bigots, and in some states, homosexuals.

  • It is unoriginal.

    It not likely to see an adult male kissing another man. It is jut ridiculous! Marriage is between people of different gender. I'm not saying it should be banned or anything just suggesting no. Also their children will have two biological fathers and no mother. Its just not right. The end.

  • It really should be up to the states

    It would be great if gay marriage was legal in all 50 states, but it's not really the government's business, so what if a state disagrees with something, let them, they have as much of a right to disagree with Gay Marriage as we have the right to agree with it.

  • The States Should Not Give More Power To The Federal Courts

    I am personally against gay marriage, generally speaking. I also believe that the states should have the power to decide this, not the appeals courts, federal judges or the US Supreme Court. They should leave the matter to the states, and not overstep their authority. The matter should be given to the states, and no other. Gay marriage would still be outlawed in a lot of states if these courts had no right to interfere.

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