Should The US try and make abortions easier to access and follow after the Canadian System ?

Asked by: anna.kennedy
  • Let's be realistic

    I believe your stance on abortion is only a minute factor in answering this question, although I personally believe it is absolutely a woman's right to choose. Realistically, abortion happens regardless. Do some research on the current "Do It Yourself" abortion rate per state and you'll see that regardless of legality, it's happening anyways, and it's being performed in extremely unsafe ways in those states with limited access. If our country were to give more access to abortions, at least they would be happening safely.

  • I believe in choice

    I believe that the termination of a woman's pregnancy should be an option to women who want it. Even if you choice not to take it doesn't mean that you should take it away from everyone else who wants it. Also, I don't think really be about religion because not all people are religious. Also, if people have any suggestions on the way to make abortions easier to access to women in the US please feel free to leave them.

  • No no no

    The us should try to make abortions as rare as possible by providing sex ed and birth control to people who can not obtain it them selves and by setting up more pregnancy support systems. Abortion should be as rare as possible. Society should stigmatize abortion because it is evil.

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